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  1. Choose a pet dog mainly to consider three points:
    one is to pick your favorite variety. There are many types of pet dogs, and their appearance is full of appearance. Many people like it, but it is limited to financial and energy. Therefore, you must choose your favorite variety individuals so that you can take care of them with each other after adoption.
    The varieties that are suitable for your breeding. There are many classification methods for pet dogs. According to the size of the body shape, it can be divided into large, medium, small, and minimal. The body height is more than 40 kg of 61cm or more. 61 CM weight 30 to 40 kg is medium -sized; body height is 25.5 ~ 40.7 CM weight 30 kg is small; the body height is very small below 4 kg or less;
    three is a healthy individual. The healthy dogs are lively and moving, and they look very energetic. The eyes are bright. The conjunctiva is pink, no secretions, no tears; the nose is wet and cold, without abnormal secretions; The teeth are white, there is no closing incompleteness, not saliva; the hair color is fresh, the fur temperature is not hot, fluffy and tidy, no hair removal, no lice;
    Extended information:
    The pet dog's disease prevention and treatment of pet dogs must injected vaccines to prevent pet dogs from hurting people. In addition, deworming should be used to prevent parasitic infections. These majors must go to a regular pet hospital for professional pet doctors to ask for and handle it. Pet dog immunocus vaccines generally include rabies vaccine, canine plague vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, etc.
    This and small virus diseases are common epidemic diseases of pet dogs, which has a significant impact on the health of dogs, and directly threatened the safety of pet dogs in severe cases. At present, although many pet dog owners perform epidemic prevention every year, the incidence of the above two epidemic diseases is still high.
    The dog plague. Under normal circumstances, the epidemic disease of canine plague appears in pet dog puppies. The diseased virus of this disease is mainly a canine plague virus, which has a serious impact on puppies' health. Dog plague can lead to severe indigestion in pet dogs, and rhinitis and respiratory resistance. Some diseased dogs will concurrent encephalitis to threaten the life of the diseased dog.
    The virus of dog plague is generally distributed in the diseased dog excrement, and there are a large number of viruses in its secretions. Healthy pet dogs in infection canine plague usually have two ways. One is to directly contact foods containing viruses, and the other is to contact dogs that have already occurred. Canine plague can appear throughout the year, among which spring and winter are the high incidence season, especially in the stage where weather changes are relatively significant.
    This virus disease. The main epidemic characteristics of small virus diseases are strong infectious, but the course of disease is relatively short. The pathogenic bacteria of such epidemic diseases are mainly small viruses of dogs. At the beginning of the onset, the diseased dog can have severe gastrointestinal manifestations, and the symptoms of vomiting are significant. Lamous diluted manifestations are usually occurred in the later stage of the disease. Bloody silk is covered in the feces, and the taste is relatively strong, and the color is tomato red.
    The preventive measures: In order to effectively prevent small virus diseases, during the period of pet dog puppies, it should be vaccinated with small viral enteritis vaccines in a timely manner. At the same time, when breeding pet dogs, it is necessary to ensure scientific feeding, replenish trace elements in time, and supplement vegetable ingredients on this basis to ensure that the diet is reasonable and dietary fiber nutrition. Note that during the breeding process, you cannot feed deterioration foods or feed to fully prevent small epidemic diseases.
    The treatment method: In order to fully reduce the imbalance of hydrolysis, maintain normal blood capacity, and reduce the incidence of shock, effective measures should be actively adopted to expand the blood capacity. When performing liquid replenishment, the actual condition of the diseased dog should be combined and the degree of dehydration should be made. Pay close attention to the treatment process. If the heartbeat of the sick dog is returned to normal and can urinate independently, it means that the effect of the replenishment treatment has been achieved, and the liquid input can be stopped according to the actual situation.
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  2. 1. To buy dogs in pet shops, you should choose some lively, individuals, full of heaven and thicker hoof fingers.
    2. To follow the fate, both parties are more important.
    3. If you are interested in you, you may adjust better in obedience and the inspiration at home.

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