Funing Yiyuan Tongmai sent a lot of living pets to death. Is it suitable for express delivery?

5 thoughts on “Funing Yiyuan Tongmai sent a lot of living pets to death. Is it suitable for express delivery?”

  1. Introduction: Funing Yiyuan Tongmai sent more live pets to death. Express delivery is definitely not appropriate. You must know that express delivery can not be transported to live, so I hope that all courier companies can attract precepts and do not make it. Some things that harm animals, do not care about making money.
    . Funing Yuantong will post a number of living pets leading to death.
    The seem to have burst out before. There are incidents of express delivery of pets to cause pet death, and pets are our friends, not you make money. Tools, when you choose pets, try to go to the pet shop, instead of buying online. There is a Yuantong Express in Funing. They mail multiple living pets to cause death. For buyers It was a small harm. They raised this pet so much and spent a long time, but in the end these pets were lost all their lives.
    . Express delivery is definitely not appropriate. They need to compensate
    This is something that cannot be sent to active, including things that are used to live. The behavior is definitely not good. The later period must be compensated. If they ask for too much compensation, you still need to compensate, because you are wrong. Some sellers may not know that the courier is not able to activate something. , But the courier must know what to do if you don't know how you do this business license.
    . Everyone is recommended to go to the physical store
    also remind everyone not to buy pets online, and you don’t know if you buy a pet consistent with the above. If you really want to buy it, you really want to buy it. A pet that is more suitable for your favorite, I suggest you go directly to the physical store to go to that kind of pet shop. You can get face -to -face contact, and you can do it from time to time. During the guerrilla process, his pet was hurt.

  2. This approach of express delivery is very inappropriate, because this approach may cause pet death, disrespect to life, also cause some harm to logistics, and may also affect the reputation and reputation of logistics companies.

  3. It is not appropriate, because the courier causes pet death during transportation, and infringes the interests of the sender and pets, so the express delivery should be responsible for this.

  4. I think it is not suitable for express delivery. After all, pets are living creatures. There will definitely be danger after long -distance trek.

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