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  1. First, feed dog food normally, and enrich the feeding of meat
    Plores, in addition to normal pet owners, feed dog food for small soil dogs, and other nutrient meat should be added. There is rich protein and fat in the meat, which is the most suitable food for weight gain; then the owner can usually eat some fish, chicken breasts, beef, etc., which are high -protein foods. In addition, you can also eat some animal liver for small earth dogs, and there are many vitamins in it; for example: chicken liver, duck liver, etc., but be careful not to give the small dogs too much, just eat it several times a week; eat one each time, one time, one time, one time, one ate one each time; one ate one each time one; one ate one each time, one time, one, one time, one time, one, one time, one, one time, one ate one time; one ate one each time; one ate one each time. Small pieces, otherwise it is not good to eat too much.
    . Feeding nutrition cream to small earth dogs to promote long and fat
    This owner to make small soil dogs grow faster, then the nutritional supplies of small earth dogs must be paid to the nutritional balance. Eat meat for small soil dogs, only protein and fat; if there are other nutrients in the body, the physical fitness of the small soil dog is also not good. For example, there is a lack of nutrients such as trace elements of minerals, and small earth dogs cannot grow well; it is also prone to alien food.
    Therefore, the pet owner usually feeds the small soil dog, which can be paired with small earth dogs to feed some Mengwei nutrition cream; fix it every week, feed 2 ~ 3 cm each time; The actual food volume of the dog increases or decreased as appropriate.
    . Foods that can make homemade fruits and vegetables feed small soil dogs
    mo dogs can also eat vegetables and fruits. Usually eating small dogs can help promote small soil dogs to digest, and also Vitamins and cellulose can be supplemented. Then eat some fruits and vegetables and vegetables such as carrots, apple puree, and other fruits and vegetables for small soil dogs, which is convenient for all aspects to supplement nutrition for small soil dogs; so as to achieve the purpose of making small soil dogs grow and fat.

  2. 1. Feed nutritional creams to small dogs every day to promote long -term fat;
    2, feeding dog food for small dogs every day, should also add other nutrient meat and meat to rich protein and fat. Foods that are fatter;
    3, small soil dogs can also eat fruits and fruits. Usually eating small soil dogs can help promote the digestion of small soil dogs, and can also supplement vitamins and cellulose.

    The expansion information:
    Stochu dog habit:
    Stochu dog sleep alert, fear of fear. In the wild period, the dog is a night -walking animal. It sleeps during the day and moves at night. After being domesticated by humans, it is basically consistent with human living, that is, during the day, sleep at night. But unlike humans, it is always alert when sleeping, and a slight sound will also awaken it;
    The puppy dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short. Occupy 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dogs basically use the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. It is easy to digest meat and food. It is not easy to digest like leaves and grass. Although dogs are carnivores, dogs can rely on foods such as vegetables and grains when they are difficult.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Turkish Dog

  3. Give it a name and call it when you eat it. After a month, it can know what it is called. In the future, it will be obedient as long as it does not hit it. It is best to take it to take a walk in the morning. If you do n’t have time to put it for convenience, you can do it for more than ten minutes. Do not forget to give it three meals a day. If you do n’t have time to feed at noon, you must not forget at night! Wash it and hug it, touch it, don't let others touch it, you must only listen to you in three months. Outstanding!

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