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  1. The symptoms of the diagnosis of the diseased dog are depressed, reduced or abolished, and the hair is rough and lustrous. Largestone, yellow -green stools at the beginning of the disease, and pouring water in the later stages. Some dung with blood or falling off the intestinal mucosa, smell smell, gray or gray -brown, mucus, and some excreted feces such as scam -like. The fur around the dog's anus and hind limbs is contaminated. The sick dogs cannot stand, tremble, and increase their body temperature. Three to 6 days of disease, no clinical symptoms were seen in the most acute cases suddenly died.
    The three -in -one therapy is selected to shoot 1 bottle of anal anal. Whenever 1 bottle. 1 bottle of subcutaneous injection of 1 bottle daily, sterile yogurt 3 packs per day (help digestion and increase nutritional supplementation of water to repair gastric mucosa). Anal injection. Do not bleed once every 2 hours! Ensure that the dog's temperature and water can be cured for 2-3 days.

    The prevention and treatment of breeding management, doing a good job of sanitary disinfection, isolation of the diseased dogs, and completely disinfection of the disinfection of the greenweed and surrounding environment. Treatment: Add enteritis in the whole group of dog feed (the main ingredient fluoropybeniko), according to the instructions, for 5 days in a row; and with Chinese medicine treatment. Fangs: 10 grams of Baitou, 10 grams of Coptis chinensis, 12 grams of Qin Pi, 30 grams of raw yam, 12 grams of mandarin meat, 10 grams of storage meat, 10 grams of Poria, 15 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of white peony, 5 grams of dried ginger, licorice, licorice, licorice, licorice 6 grams. Usage: 300 ml of fried soup daily

    It summary according to the onset, clinical symptoms, coding examination, and laboratory examination. It is diagnosed with E. coli disease. Hurry up. The main reason for this onset is the impermanence of the weather. In the near future, it was rainy, and the cage was humid. In addition to replacing the feed in the near future, the quality of the feed feed was poor, which prompted the occurrence of the disease. Therefore, when encountering a variable climate, we must strengthen breeding management and invest in some preventive drugs such as Jun Du, Ji Xingling (main ingredients wearing heart connection, etc.). In order to prevent the occurrence of this disease

  2. The weather is dry in autumn, and the dogs may get angry. Pay attention to feeding the dog some apples. Do not give the dogs to eat randomly. It is best not to take the dog out of the dog plague. As long as the dog's nose is not particularly dry, there is no problem.

  3. Drying the dog's nose is not a good phenomenon. The dog's nose is wet, indicating that he is healthy. If you always do dry (not occasionally dry), it is a cold or other diseases.
    The dog's nose is a dog's health index. If you can't get any disease, it is best to go to the hospital, so insurance.

  4. There should be any diseases. Dogs can only be dry after sleeping or exercise. If you keep doing it, there should be any lurking symptoms, but he eats normal. I think the problem is not big
    You can go to your local forum and ask if you have studied veterinarians to help you see the best individual temperature

  5. Pets will only dry the nose when you sleep and get sick.
    The said that if you say that eating is normal, there should be no problem

    The or not does it cough? Intersection Intersection

    If worries, buy dog ​​plague small tester

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