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  1. There are many reasons for dogs to eat grass. According to their own pet experience, we have summarized several dogs to eat grass.
    The first is for fun. Like my dog ​​may be this situation, there is no adverse reaction after eating, that is, it ’s pure. After all, there is nothing else for dogs to eat except sleeping a day. It's just boring, I want to dismantle the house and play with flowers and grass. At this time, pay more attention to the psychological health of the dog. Dogs of Tiantian Sports Staying at home every day is equivalent to going to jail! Take more people to play outside!
    The second is the self -gastric lavage. The dog feels uncomfortable with the stomach. If there are foreign objects in the stomach, they will eat some grass to help them vomit, or they will excrete foreign bodies out of the body. Because the dog's belly structure is relatively special, the stomach and large intestine are short, and eating some grass can help him spit out what can't be digested. Because dogs eat too much meat or eat, causing indigestion, foods with high cellulose content of grass to promote digestion, help the peeds in the intestine excrete the body, and reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal.
    The third type is more serious, maybe there is a disease. Another reason is that the dog feels uncomfortable with the stomach. It may also take the initiative to eat some high -fiber foods because of eating too much. Contents to promote gastrointestinal emptiness. So parents don't have to worry too much. But if this happens many times, it will cause attention, and the dog may be sick. It can be noted that the dog has parasites in the vomit after eating grass. If you have to seek medical treatment in time, otherwise the dog will be uncomfortable and it will be fine every day. Seeing that my dog ​​is unhappy every day, it is also sad to be a master.
    The fourth is the lack of certain nutrients. If the dog has always eaten the dog rice you made, and the dog rice only has rice, the same meat, and the same vegetable every day, so that dogs can easily lack certain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and so on. Therefore, dogs often eat a single dog rice made by not professional nutritionists, or they have not checked the relevant information literature, which can easily lead to the lack of some trace elements of the dog's body, so the dog needs to be supplemented by eating grass to supplement. Part of the nutrition meets the needs of this. This is also the technique of dog survival. In fact, if dogs lack vitamins or minerals cause grass, it is recommended to choose MAG Jinwei. This product is particularly good. It is rich in more than 40 trace elements, which can improve dogs and dogs. Essence
    This are the reasons why dogs eat grass. Be sure to pay attention to the reason for your dog to eat grass, to play or get sick.
    In reminding you all shoveling officers: Dogs are also harmful to eat grass!
    In general, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of dogs, unless it ate excessive grass, you don't have to worry too much.
    , some grasslands are sprayed with chemical agents, such as herbicides or pesticides. These are simply a crit to Wang Xingren. Therefore, if you can't determine whether a piece of grass is sprayed with a potion, it is best to stay away.

  2. Dogs may be because of lack of crude fiber in its body. When the body is lacking, it will warn through the brain. When the dog receives the instructions issued by the brain Some grass. This is exactly to meet the body's needs for nutrients.
    Is when pet dogs eat only animal protein such as meat, liver, fat and other animal proteins for a long time, the digestive capacity of the stomach will deteriorate. This is a phenomenon of increased secretion of gastric acid and nausea, and even spit out yellow sticky foam. At the same time, constipation may also occur, and the mucous membranes of the gums and microvascular bleeding of the skin, and vascular accumulation is likely to cause cerebral hemorrhage due to cholesterol accumulation.
    For these reasons, you must also take the initiative to prepare some vegetables with rich dietary fiber. Of course, if the dog refuses to eat this vegetarian food, parents cannot be distracted for this. It should be carefully prepared for some fresh vegetables for dogs to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and prevent it from stealing small grass.

  3. 1. It is generally known that dogs will eat certain types of berries and plants.

    2. Some dogs just love grass or some types of plants, so why do dogs eat grass? In fact, this is some of them food.

    . Vomiting after eating grass:

    The half of the dog will vomit after eating grass. Only to vomit, this is like Mr. chicken eggs, or Mr. egg chicken is a mystery. However, it seems that some dogs do go to grass when they are uncomfortable.

    . This is the normal behavior of the dog:

    Generally speaking, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of dogs, unless it ate too much grass, it has been too much grass, Otherwise, don't worry too much.

    This grass is natural instincts
    The main reasons are two

    It is to cure the disease
    He Chengwei's function of his life C
    So dogs do not need to involve vitamin C
    , but sometimes this function of the dog will fail
    Unable to make vitamin C
    , it will reduce the dispersion of them against the virus
    So you will eat grass to supplement vitamin C
    , you will also find plant roots containing salicylic acid to eat
    A salicylic acid is also the raw material we make aspiline

    R N Wild dog wolf fox fox will eat some delicious quality and fruit food even if there is no disease
    especially low and sweet fruit food
    It is their favorite (the skin of fruit and food is not good for the dog's health. If you want to feed the dogs to eat fruit, you must peel and go.
    This dogs who are modern times are not necessarily a health problem
    mostly because dogs only eat instant noodles without nutritional value and indispensable. Satisfied with the appetite
    . As long as they have the taste, they will swallow it in the stomach


    The dogs explore the world with their noses and mouths. Cao exudes aroma, has a strong taste, and can be obtained everywhere. Why not taste it? In ancient times, dogs did not have the opportunity to enjoy carefully prepared food, and they must find their targets in the roots of weeds, plants, and stems. Dogs sometimes like some green foods, just like we occasionally dreaming of fragrant potatoes.

    Dogs are omnivorous animals, and grass is the nutritional needs of dogs. Although dog food has provided comprehensive nutrition, dogs still instinctively like to come to timely grass "salads". Some dogs who rarely eat grass will also chew the grass leaves when they feel uncomfortable. It seems that grass contains some kind of vomiting substance.

    The countermeasures:

    keep the grass clean. The grass itself does not hurt the dog, but the dirt or chemicals in the grass are dangerous.

    If the green grass is unusually green, most of them use a certain chemical agent, you must let the dog avoid.

    The veterinarians believe that dogs who love grass need to add fiber content to food. It is recommended to feed some vegetables that are mixed with meat

  4. This is a normal phenomenon. Dogs sometimes eat some grass. It may be that there are any small problems in the body, but the problem is not big.

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