6 thoughts on “What kind of pet dogs do friends like”

  1. Then it depends on many situations
    The people who are allergic to pet hair at home: small VIPs, West Highlands White Sircolius, Sherry, Bear Bear, and Mini VIPs What you find is not to have hair loss, you often have to go to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning)

    It if you like smaller dogs: Bie Mei, Bomei, VIPs, Chihuahua, Xuener Rui (the same is easier to find here)

    The popularity: golden retriever (more docile, high IQ), Labrador (intellectual, smooth, training progress quickly ) Slash dog (character is barking, very playful), Satsuma (now the most beautiful of dogs), Belinkon stalk (bold, strong, agile, exactly like small sheep), Kelly Blue Sircorius (mild, mild, mild, mild, gentle, gentle, gentle Faithful, vibrant, and stubborn personality), happy dog ​​(smart, high IQ, lively and active), Golden Retriever, Labrador, and Satsuma are more lovely dog ​​breeds.

    It the dogs who want to look at the houses can be raised: Bit, Stafford, Niu Tau, Tosa, Filler, Old British Mastiff, Italian Mastiff, Argentine Du Gao, French Church, South African Mastiff Dog (Mastiff is an ideal house -seeking dog breed very loyal)

  2. Small dogs: VIPs, Bomei, West Highlands Bai Yan, Sherry
    medium -sized dogs: Satsuma, Golden Retriever, Husky
    Large Dog: Alaska
    Is the landlord who wants dogs?

  3. I still like the golden retriever and Teddy of my own home. Essence Essence In fact, Gu Mu and Akita are also very good. Essence Essence To be honest, there are many varieties you like. Even the little dogs who like your dogs are still very much.

  4. In the small, the Bear Teddy Little Bomei Doll

    It large -scale Golden Retriever is the first border shepherd after the border sheep dog

    High obedience is suitable for home care.

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