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  1. Bagu dogs, Syditi Shepherds, Sherry, Rowalner Dogs, Ancient British Shepherd, Doberman, etc. These unknown dogs will not just call just not to call them easily.
    In the following describes several dogs that do not like to bark:
    1, Bagu dogs
    Bagu, native to China, reference price 3000-12000 yuan, charming and elegant, 14 At the end of the century, it was officially named "Bago" its phrase "hammer head", "clown", the meaning of lion nose or little monkey. The Bagu dog is prone to eyelashes, and the head wrinkles are more folded, and it is easy to block the tear ducts, and there are two obvious tear marks. The Bagu dog is considerate, cute small dog species, do not need exercise or sorting back hair frequently, but requires companions. There are more wrinkles, and it is a characteristic of a boxer. It is a way to communicate with the sound of gurgling breathing and the sound of pumping nose like a horse. At the same time, this dog has excellent and clean personality, and these characteristics have become the reason why they are widely loved.
    2, Xieti Shepherd
    The Shepet Shepherd Dog is native to Scottish. It is named SHETLAND SHEEPDOG due to the place of origin. In ancient times, the Shelei Shepherd was a very good shepherd. It was cold -tolerant, good physical, wide, loyal, smart, reliable, and widely used. There is a history of more than a hundred years of Jacheti Shepherd. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan. It is mainly distributed in the UK and North America. It is believed that it is matched by the Scottish Kelle dog and the Spitz dog (the partner of the Nordic fisherman); some people think that the Sheleti Shepherd Dog originated from the Charlie King Xiao Hunting Dog.
    3, a small Snow dogs
    The appearance of mini Sherry is very distinctive. They are strong, strong, and "square and positive." The mini Sherry has a long beard, eyebrows, and a feather -like hair on the legs. The ears are sometimes straight, with a V -shaped shape, high ears. Keep above the level; they have long and thick hair, so that they have the appearance of pet dogs raised at home. The mini Sherry identified by the American Dog Club has only three colors, black, pepper and silver black. Mini Sherry is a strong, lively stalk dog, which is similar to the general form of Cenari, the standard of close relatives, and is just as organic and active.
    4, the Rowaline dog
    Rowaline dogs, Latin scientific name:, is an animal under the genus dogs, the dog's body is strong, the movement is fast, and the momentum is strong. It is the most courageous and powerful dog in the world. One of the species, the general physical height is 56-69cm and weighs 38-59kg. The Rowa Dog was used to guard the cow group and is a smart dog breed in clever and strong. Now in terms of police dogs, it is well received, and at the same time, it can also become a very worthy family dog. The Rowa dog is an outstanding police dog and can attack the invaders. In order to allow this dog breed to obey the command, the breeder should be trained strictly. The Rowalner dogs have the ability to have guards. In the Middle Ages, in order to avoid the stolen of money, wealthy merchants hung the money bag on the Rowaline dog's neck. On the section. This dog has a stable personality and emotional, and can also be a family partner dog.
    5, Doberman
    Dobersso is the Thartle. Originally produced in Germany, it is named after the name of Mr. Louis Dubanman, the name of the person who cultivates this product. It is the most intelligent and the best body structure and the most noble temperament of all products. Doberman is a two -purpose dog for military and police. At the same time, some people in the country use Dubin, which are not tailored and cut off as hounds. Doberman is usually used for guards and hunting. The most important problem in the breeding process of Doberman is the problem of the ears. The care of the Doberman is very simple. The Doberman requires the ear cutting. Temperament can reach 30-40kg after adulthood.
    6, Alaska sled dog
    Alaska sled dog is also called Alaska. It is one of the oldest polar sled dogs. Tribe. Before Alaska became part of the US territory, the name of this area was translated as "vast land", which was discovered that the Russians in this area gave it the name. This dog's limbs are strong and strong, muscles are developed, and the purpose of cultivating it is to endure endurance rather than speed, because their main purpose is to pull a sled. Adult Alaska dogs have a quiet and elegant temperament, and they are very loyal to the owner. The male dog's weight range is 36-43kg, and the female dog's weight range is 32-38kg.
    7, Scottish shepherd
    Siplan Shepherd, also known as Keli Shepherd, is 56-66cm, weight: 22.7-34kg, average life expectancy of 12-13 years, market reference price of more than 1,000 yuan, full full Spiritual dog stars: Some dogs get the love of people with a petite and beautiful appearance, and some dogs are trusted by the owner with their understanding of the spiritual aura. Su Mu obviously belongs to the latter. From the ancient animal husbandry operating dogs to the protagonists who are constantly appearing in film and television works, its pilots, intelligence and hard work have left a deep impression on people, and they are indeed a star dog who can be accompanied by people for life.
    8, chopsticks
    oton dogs are ancient dogs originally native to Tibet, China, at least 2000 years of history. Some cultural relics can be seen in the Han Dynasty. The real name is 狮, Chow Chow entered a foreign country and returned to China. English Chow Chow, often as CHOW, is a very old variety, which may be named after its head resembles a lion; the Chow Choi dogs are beautiful, noble and natural, and the typical sad expression is even more interesting. Essence Now the cute appearance of the Chow Chow has been regarded as an ideal home pet, mainly as a partner dog. Generally weighing about 20kg, a height of about 50 cm, and a life span of 12-15 years; the personality is more dignified and can be used as a hunting dog, a drag dog, a guard dog, a partner dog.

  2. The training of dogs said that the way of raising dogs in Chinese people is like educating children, either spoiled or simple and rude. Indeed, family dog ​​breeding has only emerged in recent years. The progress of social environment and personal concepts cannot keep up with the speed of pets. Many people watch the puppy fun, and they buy it home impulsively. They have no understanding of the species unique temperament and needs, the hard work brought by the dog raising, and the scientific training method. In addition, the imperfect environment makes many dog ​​owners feel disappointed Puzzle, even causing a tragedy of abuse or abandonment of innocent puppies. In fact, dogs are very plastic animals. Through scientific and reasonable training, it can become a popular family member. Training should not be achieved by simple scolding punishment and food rewards. The deep feelings and understanding between dogs and owners is the key to successful training. Dogs, like us, make mistakes. It doesn't matter if it is wrong, it is still a good comrade. So, how can we effectively correct the dog's fault? Please master the following training principles -yes: Before correcting the dog's errors, you must build a sincere friendship with it. Considering the use of professional dog chains that can be used for strength to control large dogs, it is easier to attract its attention. When it is "committing crimes", it will be at a loss even after just a few minutes after just a few minutes. Only when you are sure. Use delicious, fun, care and praise to encourage and encourage obedient dogs. When correcting bad habits, you must last and resolutely, and you must not be able to do it or abolish it halfway. After correction, create the same opportunity for the dog. If you do it right this time, you must reward it in time. In the process of making mistakes in dogs, noise with noise and low voice to transfer its attention. Dogs and dog chains must be given during outdoor training. When correcting the dogs in front of others, don't be embarrassed, but also take care of the dog's self -esteem. Wrong: Don't strictly punish the dogs, and do not use it to bite it. Don't shout to the dog because it is not obedient, it can only make it more blame. Don't chase the dog, that will make the naughty dog ​​more excited, making the timid dog dangerous due to fear. Don't force the dogs who can't understand the password for a while, high pressure may cause it to have a bad mood for self -violence. Do not pull the neck chain upward, it will hurt the dog's neck, or even cause life. Don't punish dogs that have been troubled afterwards. Do not punish it by fasting water. Don't treat it with anger, and don't vent your bad emotions on it.

  3. Dogs can't just say quietly. Whether quiet depends on the dog's owner. If the owner is the kind of quieter person, the dog will be very quiet, and it will be very lively in turn!

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