2 thoughts on “How much is Xiao Huski here in Zhangye, Gansu?”

  1. If you want to buy a Husky within 500, I suggest you pay attention to the local pet forum, or the group similar to the sled dog, usually the dogs raised by others, the price of the sale of BB is lower than the price.

    PS: Friendly reminder, if your financial ability is really a problem, I suggest you consider other varieties. The puppies have just bought a high requirements for breeding food. For example, 2-3 months puppies, you feed you, just feed you People eat foods will definitely cause diseases. The cost of treatment is quite high, and there are hundreds of movements. If you consider feeding dog food, it will take about 350 yuan for more than a month. If you can hold it, you will raise it. It seems that you are a student. I told you that raising dogs is not as simple as imagination. It ’s like a person in the family, a new member, and is responsible for yourself and the responsible attitude towards the dog.

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