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  1. 1. Border Shepherd (the flying tray is his patent)
    Border shepherd () is native to the Scottish border. It is one of the Keli Shepherd dogs. It has strong shepherd instincts. It is true that the owner's instructions can drive the flock to move or rotate with the eyes of the eyes, and have been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years. Its biggest feature is smart, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, gentleness, loyalty, and obedience. The degree of loyalty can be described as follow -up.

    2. VIP/Teddy (You are the first)
    The Vongress Doggi, also known as "lady dog", belongs to very smart and like hunting dog breeds. In Germany, it is famous for hunting dogs in water. However, for many years, it has been considered a French dog. The poodle is divided into three types: standard dogs, mini dogs, and toy dogs. The difference between them is that the size of the body is different. What we call "Teddy" is actually a VIP.

    3. The only thing that can be confirmed is that in 1880, this dog was fixed in Germany and used it as a shepherd. They are agile and suitable for action environment, and they often deploy various tasks. Later, during the First World War, he was raised by the Germans as military dogs. After the German Army has been cultivated for a long time, it is basically set. Because of its tall body, strong appearance, and strong working ability, it is active in the world as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, shepherd dogs, ornamental dogs, and home -raising pet dogs.

    4. Golden Retriever Tour Hound (Swimming Champion)
    Golden Retriever is a well -known, powerful, and lively dog ​​species, characterized by solidity, reasonable cooperation with the body, and the legs are not too much. The length is not clumsy, friendly, enthusiastic, pilot, and confident. Because golden retriever is a hunting dog, he can show his essential characteristics in a hard work environment. The overall appearance, balance, gait and the purpose of the dog species should be paid more attention to the use of the body. In addition, the golden retriever's interesting life is inseparable from the relationship.

    5. Dubin (the mind is as developed as the limbs)
    Doberman is the Thartle. Originally produced in Germany, it is based on the name of the person's name Louis. Mr. Duberman is named by all the wisdom of all products. Doberman is a dog for military and police.

    6. Seti (Are you a small one of Su Mu?)
    The Shepeto Shepherd is native to Scotland, and it is named because of its place of origin. In ancient times, the Shelei Shepherd was a very good shepherd. It was cold -tolerant, good physical, wide, loyal, smart, reliable, and widely used. There is a history of more than a hundred years of Jacheti Shepherd. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan. It is mainly distributed in the UK and North America. It is believed that it is matched by the Scottish Kelle dog and the Spitz dog (the partner of the Nordic fisherman); some people think that the Sheleti Shepherd Dog originated from the Charlie King Xiao Hunting Dog.

    7. Labrador (Guide Dog Little Q)
    The Ya tribe Labrador Hound is a medium and large dog. High, it is suitable for dog varieties that are selected as guide dogs or other working dogs. They are tied with golden hunting dogs and Husky three major offensive dogs. Latuado is currently the largest number of registered varieties in the US dog industry.

    8. Butterfly dogs
    Butterfly dogs, English name Papillon, also known as butterfly ear dog and Babylonian dog with a height of 20-28 cm and a weight of 3-5 kg. Native to France, the name of Papillon is named after the French, and Papillon means butterfly in French. It originated in the sixteenth century and is one of the oldest varieties in Europe. After the butterfly dog ​​was introduced to France, at that time, the Gate of the French palace and the aristocracy became a treasure in the palm of the noble ladies. During the 19th century, French and Belgian lovers were committed to breeding the butterfly dogs of upright ears. The long hair on the ears was decorated, like a dancing butterfly. Butterfly enthusiasts in the United States and the United Kingdom are also committed to breeding this variety and improved the smaller body butterfly dogs than other countries. In 1935, they officially obtained the identification of pure blood.

    9. Rowa (strong bite force)
    Rowalner dogs are strong, fast, and powerful. They are one of the most courageous and powerful dog breeds in the world. This dog was used to guard the height of the cattle and is a smart dog breed. Now in terms of police dogs, it is well received, and at the same time, it can also become a very worthy family dog. The Rowa dog is an outstanding police dog and can attack the invaders. In order to allow this dog breed to obey the command, the breeder should be trained strictly. The Rowalner dogs have the ability to have guards. In the Middle Ages, in order to avoid the stolen of money, wealthy merchants hung the money bag on the Rowaline dog's neck. On the section. This dog has a stable personality and emotional, and can also be a family partner dog.

    10. Australian cow dog (you come to China to be hit by a wolf ...)
    Australian cow dogs, alias, also known as Queens Lanhele (), Blue Heller dog(). This dog is full of energy, endurance, and versatile. In the Australian mainland, it is a good helper to drive cows to the market. Therefore, this dog adapts to the living environment of desolate wild.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello dear, 1. Poodle poodle ranks second in the dog IQ ranking. The mini poodle and toy VIP are the varieties that many people like to raise. These little guys have strong learning ability and are particularly easy to train. Good at all kinds of dog sports. Some surveys show that Funnel is currently suitable for dogs that are very suitable for raising in cities, and it seems to be a breed of breeds with the largest number of people in China. 2. Butterfly dog ​​butterfly dog ​​is a small dog. Their name comes from their ears like butterflies. Although they may not exceed 10 pounds even after adulthood, they are not timid and shy at all. This dog is very clever and good at all kinds of dog sports. 3. Panbulukwells Corgi Dog Panbulukwells Corchi is a shepherd dog. Their previous work was mainly used to drive the cattle, and sometimes it was used as a universal farm dog. Essence This is a cute, active and smart dog. Don't look at them as short legs, but also the movement of many dogs. 4. Mini Sherry mini Sherry is more like a stalk in essence. They are more naughty and active, but it is easier to train. 5. Shiqi Parker Hede Parker Dog is a small Belgian dog and also belongs to a shepherd. Don't look at them small, it is indeed a very strong fire puppy. They like to live in a family full of active atmosphere. In a sense, they are also excellent dog sports competitors and are easy to train. 6. Coco Dog Kaka dogs have British Kaka dogs and US Kaoco. In some people's impression, they are stupid dogs, but in fact, this kind of dog is relatively easy to train. 7. Bomei Bomei is a small dog. They are mainly raised as family partner dogs. This dog is small and lively, and also likes to exercise and do some appropriate training. Don't look at them a small one, they are easy to train, and they can even participate in some dog sports games. 8. Cardigan Wales Corkki Inu Cardigan Wales Corki is a small kind of cattle and dogs, just like its cousin -Panbulukwels Corgi. This kind of corci is well performed in all kinds of dog movements. For those who want to have a smaller dog, Cadigen Wales Corgi is easy to train, and the personality is relatively comparable to the personality. Active partner dog. 9. Yorkshire said that small and smart dogs can not miss Yorkshire. Sometimes we see the owner stuff this little guy into a handbag, but this dog is very flexible. They are the same as other hunting dogs. Live and personality, respond to training very agile, and also good at some dog sports. I wish you a happy life, I hope you can thank you!

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