2 thoughts on “Is there any superstition of puppies at home?”

  1. There is nothing to die at home at home. Don't say that the family around the people is "not clean", and the like.
    The puppies often die, maybe because
    The things infected and infected in the house, let the dog die after contacting, and die; There are poisoned mice in the corner of the corner, and die after eating;
    This should be cleaned and hygienic for dogs, regular vaccines, and scan at home.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenFortunately, in the opinion of the people, if the pets in the family are violent, then it is likely to be the foresteps of the phenomenon of wealth. So if the dog at home dies suddenly, then the foreman is about to break the fortune. Animals' response to feng shui decay is very obvious and direct. Those who are more acceptable will find ways to escape, but they may also be unwilling to leave because of this. So if you have violence, you must be careful of the signs of breaking money.nQuestion really?nThe answer would rather believe it, but it was not credible.nI can't raise it later?nAnswer can be raised for 3 yearsnWhy do you want to ask questions for three years?nAnswer some superstitions.nAsk questions recently?nAnswers will not be okayn7 morenBleak

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