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  1. The physiological period of the dog is the estrus period of the dog. During the physiological period of the dog, the lower body bleeding and the decreased resistance.

    1. Dogs that come to the first holiday for the first time

    know that when the female puppy has such a performance, it means that it can be used to get pregnant. However, it is generally recommended not to rush to breed them during the first holiday, because:

    (1). In the first estrus period However, it did not reach maturity. At this time, the development of the dog's body was not complete.

    (2). Generally, after the first breeding of puppies, there will be no many cubs produced, and they generally produce cubs if they are mature. Very good guarantee.

    2. You can wear biological pants

    know that there will be blood outflowing if you come to the holiday. They are all, but this is not out of the dog's intention, so we must not blame them.

    The physiological period of dogs only need to wear physiological pants or sanitary napkins. You can buy special physiological pants for dogs in the pet shop and put it on the dog directly.

    If there is no condition, it can also be made. You can choose a suitable size, a human cotton triangle, and then cut a hole behind the puppy tail position to let the tail exposure, and then use the sanitary napkin used to put it on it.

  2. Dogs will be more sticky than usual.
    It dogs will come for a holiday when the dog is in estrus. During the holiday, the dog's vulva will swell, and blood or pink sticky secretions will flow out of the vulva. Many dogs will be more sticky than usual in the process of estrus, and they are eager to go out. Seeing other dogs will be more proactive. Some dogs even respond to the owner's touch.
    Pukr's first menstruation will show the swelling of peach and redness, and flowing out of the sour smell of blood mucus, bright eyes, and restlessness.

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