1 thought on “Which soil dogs and pet dogs make money”

  1. Making money for soil dogs
    This dogs are strong and not easy to get sick; soil dogs are low; soil dogs can save resources; soil dog loyalty is higher.
    If the soil dog, you can raise one without spending a lot of money. It is better to feed. You do n’t need to eat special food. As long as you eat it yourself, they will eat it. Food is like a friend. And pet dogs are not the same. You must eat the foods they like to eat. If you come up, you can pick it up, and the price of the soil dog is not so expensive. I think it is a kind of dog with high cost performance.
    Pet dogs are more delicate, although it looks good! Some pet dogs look relatively weak. They are not as strong as the soil dogs. Perhaps pet dogs may only be used for viewing. The requirements for them should not be too high. I am not alone. General pet dogs are more expensive, and dog food is also burning money. People with no economic strength really dare not raise dogs.

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