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  1. The shape of a bow is exactly like butterflies, and its production methods and materials are also different. Although the bow is different in shape and size, the shape is beautiful and generous. Whether it is a bow or a bow worn by a person or a pet, the production method is the same. Today I mainly introduce three types. From simple to complexity, the difficulty is different. Let's practice it.
    The bow of the wide silk ribbon
    1. Preparation materials, the following two materials are 4 cm width and 2.5 cm width, one is a gauze, the other is a threaded belt. The material can be selected according to your preference. The length of the ribbon must also be determined according to actual needs.
    2, take 21 cm length, each each
    3, two ribbons each take one, align the middle position, fold fixed, make the following two and a half of the tablets

    4, cross, cross Overlapping
    5, fixing the bowed bow with QQ wire
    6, taking a 4 cm long ribbon for waistline, the needle wire or glue is fixed, a bow that is done by a wide ribbon is done

    This bow -type bow
    1, preparation materials, the two ribbons used in this product are all ribbons, both 1.5 cm wide
    2, brown ribbon cut three, length, length, length Both are 21 cm
    3, and three ribbons are folded in the middle. The interface is on the back of the ribbon. Use needle wire/double -sided glue/glue fixation
    three ribbons are staggered
    to wrap the middle position with QQ wire, fix the fixation The location of the three ribbons
    The gray ribbon 24 cm

    M pinching the shape of the growth bow, and the semi -finished product combination of the fifth step, fix the QQ line
    to take 3.5 cm ribbon n n n R n one end three % discount, as shown in the figure below, fix it with a lighter burn
    The backward three % discount on the other end, and fix it with a lighter burn
    The bow is also done
    It look at the back

    It usage
    If you want to wear it, you must connect different accessories, such as hair rope, spring folder, hair, hair There are many types of hoop, edge, etc., you can choose according to your different needs.

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