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  1. There are many causes of dog diarrhea. Overall can be divided into the following points:
    1, infectious, because of microorganisms such as virus bacteria, or diarrhea caused by parasites Diarrhea has small virus infection, coronary virus infection, E. coli infection, Salmonella infection, and Jiadi whip hairworm infection, and fetal triangular trichin infection.
    2, endogenous diarrhea, diarrhea caused by some internal medicine, collectively referred to as endogenous diarrhea. Common diseases include pancreatitis, gastrointestinal allergies, indigestion of food food, slow intestinal back end, and colon of colon Diarrhea caused by water weight absorption disorders.
    3, disorders, such as probiotics in the intestinal tract, disorders of intestinal flora, improper use of antibiotics, and hormonal disorders, etc., can cause disorder diarrhea.
    Once you find dog diarrhea, you need to take the dog to a professional animal hospital in time for a differential diagnosis, and to formulate different treatment plans to ensure the health of the dog according to the diagnosis results.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Cold: When you have a cold or a cold, the dogs can be diluted. Please pay attention to keep room temperature and keep warm to the dog. 2. Eat too full: especially large dogs. You can take about 1 day of an empty stomach, and then do not feed each meal. 3. Food poisoning: For example, too much use of animal liver, chocolate or grapes, chicken bones, etc. 4. Eat food for people: The rice is too large, it is too salty, or there are things such as shallots and garlic for a lot of burst nests. ⑤ Not clean drinking water: Give dogs 5. The water that the dog drinks is not clean. 6. Small virus: dilute in the early stage, accompanied by vomiting, appetite and mental weakness, and excrement into water shape in the mid -term. 7. Dog plague: fever, dilute, severe mental disorder, and repeated dilute fever in the early stage. 8. Enteritis: accompanied by fever, dilute, severe bleeding! 9. Parasites: Some diarrhea is caused by parasites in the body. Generally, puppies have parasites in the body, such as tapeworms, hookworms, etc. Therefore, the dog should be deworming regularly. It is best to go to the hospital for feces for a feces, and then only targeted medication.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen the questions you consulted, please check it for you, please wait a bit ~nHello, I am honored to help you to answer - 1. Dogs are diluted in food problems. In many cases, it is related to food, such as feeding metamorphic foods, foods that people eat, food that is not tolerated, etc. The dog himself accidentally ate something unclean, which is more likely to cause the dog to be diluted. After it is determined that the dog is thinner because of the food problem, the pet owner can fast for a long time or one day to observe the dog. During the period, pay attention to prepare sufficient clean drinking water to let it drink plenty of water to prevent the symptoms of dehydration severe dehydration. Essence In the later period, pets are mainly careless in the daily diet of dogs, and ensure that the foods feeding for it are clean and healthy. Second, gastrointestinal digestive problems and stress reactions. Some dogs themselves are not very good, so once the dog eats too much, it will increase its gastrointestinal burden, resulting in it. Food digestion. In this case, dogs will definitely be thinner, and even vomiting will occur. In addition, it may cause it to change the new environment, new dog food, vaccine and deworming, etc., which may also cause it to be diluted. In response to this kind of situation, the pet owner can properly feed the dogs for dogs for dogs such as Wang Yi system and petting pavilion, helping dogs to supplement the intestinal tract beneficial bacteria, and prompt it to restore normal digestive capabilities. After that, you can feed the dogs with some easy -to -digest and absorbing foods, such as millet porridge, meat porridge, etc., which can help it regulate the stomach and intestines well. Third, cold colds In general, if the dog's spirit, appetite is peaceful, there is nothing to consider that the weather changes suddenly, and the reason for cold will cause dilute. For this situation, pets mainly pay attention to keeping warm measures for dogs in time, and then feed some pet nutrition supplements such as fast fun to help dogs strengthen nutritional supplies and let it defeat a cold as soon as possible. After solving the problem of a cold, it naturally got rid of the trouble of pulling out. Fourth, the parasite in the body is black or red for the dogs, and sometimes it will bring the stools of small particles and glands. The eight achievements are caused by the accumulation of parasites in the body. For this situation, the pet owner needs to take the dog's bellplane to the pet hospital for a stool. After determining the type of insect body, use insect repellent under the guidance of the veterinarian. And after walking out of the dog, be careful not to let the dog eat food on the ground, and be sure to remove insect deworming the dog on time, including in vitro deworming and deworming in vivo. 5. If enteritis and canine plague, if the dog is diluted, there are still symptoms of mental deficiency, abnormal body temperature, vomiting, decreased appetite, or even not eating or drinking. Severe diseases, such as enteritis and canine plague. In this regard, it is recommended that the pet owner takes the dog to the hospital as soon as possible for a comprehensive examination and early treatment. [Hope to answer your help, dear]

  4. Dogs eat too much or too mixed or eat food, cold, etc., and then the parasitic infection may occur. You can eat probiotics first. It is effective for diarrhea. Feed for 6-8 hours to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines. Usually, pay attention to the diet should not be too complicated. Pay attention to regular insect repellent and keep warm to avoid cooling. If you continue to pull diarrhea and your spirit is not good, it is recommended to take it to the hospital for treatment.

  5. Frequent dilutes and not stopped in time, which will cause intestinal mucosal lesions to fall off, bleeding, bleeding is more troublesome. You go to Taobao to search for: cats and dog spirit, stop diarrhea and spitting effect.

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