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  1. There are many reasons for the formation of stray dogs. Some of them are naturally reproduced, and some are abandoned, and some owners have to be wandering. As urban management law enforcement officers, we must face it, contact it, or capture it. ,What should I do?
    How to contact the stray dog ​​(or ordinary dog)
    So when we are in contact with dogs, how should we contact? We have two suggestions
    The first is that we should try to stand upright as much as possible instead of bending down, because we are much taller than dogs. I believe that law enforcement personnel can do it very much.
    The second is not to reach out or kick, because hands and feet are a thing that suddenly invades its territory, and hands and feet are very fragile parts. Human skin is not so much hairy and thin. When you bite, the dog's skin is very loose and hair, so it is not easy to hurt, so we will be injured when we touch it. R n Don’t say anything
    The is there as soon as you pass. In fact, it will feel that you have a very strong aggression on it, it will be more vigilant, excited, and unprepared. But if you don't say a word, you are close to it as safe, "hiding here instead of there." At this time, do the next operation, you will be more safe
    , so don’t say anything, otherwise you will always scold you, or keep scolding all the time. "Don't be noisy", it doesn't understand what you understand, you speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.
    The fourth calm and confidence
    We can be calm and confident when we can do this. Is holding a net. Do n’t have “Can you do it?”, “Can you pick it up?” Such thoughts.
    It to do, think about it, get up at once, and cover it as soon as it is covered. Only by doing it firmly, there is no response time. If you test it, you will attack you. So what do you want to do? Think about things clearly, and then operate directly in the past. It is very important to be firm. Don't test.
    What do you do in the face of stray dog ​​resistance?
    First of all, we must realize that stray dogs are likely to resist. I think it is important to face resistance and protect our own safety. After all, we have a lot of things in daily law enforcement to face. Not the only one, dogs are not the most familiar to us. We must pay attention to protecting our own safety, but also perform the responsibilities of protecting citizens' own safety.
    First of all, if the dog rebels in the corner, it is actually the least worry about. If the dog rebels in the corner, I will hold a net. When it is there, it may bite this. Things, just put this thing, it will calm down slowly.
    The it will feel, "This thing seems to be slowly moving and not moving, then I won't bite," their heads are so simple, so when you put that thing there is no move, it is slow Slowness will not move, so when it is almost the same time, it is as simple as you cover it again, so what we have to do is that we let it change from excitement to giving up resistance, a little bit a little bit enough.
    Stherlessly to give up, it is the best to take away. For example, we have some pliers to pick it up. I like dogs the most, and after struggling, it will not move. It is tired. It is not moving there. When you do n’t move, you take it away, and the whole picture is very good.
    If when it is struggling, we will drag it away. In fact, it is not good, because the onlookers and friends of the community will ask, why is the dog dragging so miserable? ——In fact, it is not that we are miserable. In fact, it is struggling by ourselves. You are caught by something, you will struggle, but you struggle, can you struggle for two hours? No, it is powerless. You can't stand it for ten minutes. Dogs usually struggle for two minutes. It will stop and stop like a dead dog. "You like it, you drag me away."
    It is recommended to use moving cages instead of dragging dogs
    In at this time you put it in the cage, it is very simple, very safe, and the whole picture will not become very fierce. Very civilized law enforcement and professional, so I suggest that you try to move the cage instead of a dog, because the cage will be more convenient to move. , Then you can move away.
    It if you want to drag the dog all the time, you will go to the cage, in fact, this process is not good or convenient, because you may be loose in the process. , The dog runs away, then it is necessary to do it again, how painful.
    So try not to drag the cage as much as possible.
    spend more minutes

  2. Safety catching dogs, 1 first prepare a clean cage, 2 buy some dogs that dogs love to eat, put them in a cage for seduction, 3 with a long rod to guide the dog to enter the cage smoothly and close the door quickly. Lock. But if the dog is emotionally excited, pay attention to your own safety, and don’t hurt the dog

  3. If you want to catch a dog safely, you must first judge whether the dog is aggressive, and then bring some protective utensils to catch it.

  4. If the stray dog ​​is captured, in order not to be bitten by him, it is recommended to use a dog network or make a cage of "leading the king into the cricket".

  5. Both hands and feet should be protected. Use a large network with a long handle to stop it first, wait for it to resist fiercely, and close it in the cage.

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