5 thoughts on “The dog changed the environment, but the owner did not change. Will the dog be uncomfortable?”

  1. There will be a certain degree of discomfort, but as long as he sees the owner to accompany, the mood will not have a lot of ups and downs. If the owner is not there, it will be more panicked.

  2. Dogs have the differences in the ability to accept external changes!

    It, there are many problems that can cause the psychological problems of the dog to pay attention
    If one day, you find that your beloved dog has nothing to do all day. Why can't you eat and live or die, or they are indifferent to your caress about your caress. In this case, they may have depression.
    The cause of pet depression may come from the pets itself, external environment, and pet owner three aspects
    The causes of different pet depression may be very different. If the pets at home are too bold, they will be afraid of what unfamiliar people or things, and such pets are more likely to cause depression;
    If the pet's body is not healthy, lacks some trace elements, or long -term suffering from suffering With other physical diseases, physical pain can also easily lead to psychological depression.
    This solution: Pet owners should take more care and care for pets to avoid being frightened, and the owner should help pets to treat physical diseases first.
    The external environment
    (1) The living environment changes suddenly. If the living environment suddenly changes, such as being sent to the home and friend's house to foster care, or the owner's home is relocated to a new house, pets generally show a bit uncomfortable. I feel unsuccessful.
    If solutions: Pet owners can bring pets to feel the new environment in advance, and can prepare better material conditions for it in the new environment,
    (2) Add new members to join if the home is new and do not do anything. Pets or friends, or a newborn baby, will feel that they are left out, which will look gloomy.
    This solutions: Pet owners must make full preparations in advance so that the arrival of new members can be a thing that makes pets in the family happy.
    (3) Separate the cat, dog, rabbit, bird, and turtles from the pet owner. When the owner leaves home, he will feel very disturbed, nervous and even depressed when he leaves out.

    This solution: The owner may leave some delicious snacks to enjoy the pet before leaving home. When you are busy enjoying food, you can reduce the pain of thoughts.
    (1) If the pet owner goes out early and returns every day, this pet that often does not take care of and cannot get out of the house will easily cause depression and anxiety, and even self -harm to vent his anger
    The pet owner Pet owners' attitude towards pets is a critical factor.

    This solution: The pet owner should spend more time to take care of the pet, or find a partner for it to prevent it from being too lonely.

    (2) If the family atmosphere of the pet owner is tight and the family war broke out from time to time, in this environment, pets are prone to fear of fear, and depression will occur over time.
    In solutions: In this case, it is natural to change the pet depression to the relaxed environment first.

  3. There will be uncomfortable, because the smell, the environment is not the same as before, the dog may be a bit angry, but it will slowly get used to it.

  4. Dogs are afraid of a new environment, miss his original owner, and now don't let him be stimulated, soothe him. Accompany him more, play with him more, talk to him, he just ignores you, you have to feel and talk to him, talk to him. Dogs can understand what you said, as long as you work hard, it is okay!

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