How do dogs determine their first master?

I need a professional answer like the title. How to judge the first master in the heart of the dog.

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  1. Everyone knows that the ancestors of the dog are wolves, and the wolf is a living creature. The way to maintain an orderly operation of an ethnic group is to establish a class system that respects the inferior and young and young. In other words, in the heart of the dog, every member of the family is positioned. Often, some mothers complain: "I feed it to eat every day and take it for a walk. I am taking care of it alone. Although my husband has almost never taken care of it, it only listens to my husband, why is this?" From the perspective of the owner, when he is taking care of the dog, he certainly thinks that the dog will treat himself as the master and obediently listen to his order. But in fact, the real thoughts in the dog's heart are: "This guy feeds me to eat, takes me to take a walk, and take a bath for me. As long as I ask her to satisfy me, I am the boss, she is the person who serves me for me It is a lower partner than my status. "

    1, walking.

    The dogs are very sensitive to time. If you take a dog out for a walk at 6 o'clock in the evening, as long as it lasts a week, it will remember this time. Whenever it is close to the "scattering time" in the future, the dog is ready to go out. If the owner is just busy, it will take it for granted the owner, anxious, and even continue to bark. The persecution of persecution will endanger the leadership of the owner.
    As long as you do not determine a fixed walk time, the dog will not be anxious and will not bark at a specific time.
    It has tuned the dog with a correct attitude since he was a child. I believe that taking a dog out for a walk is no longer a routine business of daily troubles, and the dog will not make trouble because of this matter. It's much simpler.

    2, the "formation"

    ordinary owners must have the command and bring the dog to the owner to want Where you want to go, don't let the dog walk in front of the owner and become a dog in a rampant, not a dog. Dog trainers often use the method of "leading training". The key to this method is to ignore it completely. On the contrary, moving forward. When a person is tightened at the moment of changing the party, the dog's neck will feel uncomfortable, but because the sight of each other does not hand over each other, it does not know that the owner is "engaged in ghosts", so he will follow the direction of people. When it goes to the owner again, it must change the direction again and follow the preference of people. The effect will be more ideal with different people to continue this training.
    In the wolf group, the wolf leads everyone's direction, so parents must control the initiative in their own hands and wait for the ground position with the dog Putting the dog away freely, it will follow your pace.

    3, the urnate location
    has separated the dog's walking and excretion since childhood. As long as you bring it to the dog to bring it there, you must let it defecate and drain shit. In the future, no matter whether it is windy or rainy or coming, you don’t have to worry about the physiological problems of your dog, and you can make the dog develop a good habit of good habits. , Solve the troubles of urination anywhere.
    For example, under a tree in the community, the newspaper in the home must let it understand the rules. Such a benefit.

    4, the male dog occupies the site

    When walking, the dog suddenly urinate on this tree Then go to the electric pole to urinate (especially the male dog, it seems that the urination is endless). This kind of marking behavior will definitely not be unfamiliar. For dogs, this behavior represents the "dog" to announce that this is its field. This is the behavior of the dog's "power instinct". If the owner thinks that "marking" is the nature of the dog, it is not stopped, and letting the dog's dog want to do whatever he wants, it will guide its power instinct to expand. The dog's power instinct is inversely proportional to its obedience. The growth of power instinct will cause obedience to the atrophy of instinct.
    "obedience" is not blindly suppressed dogs and abuse dogs. In fact, when the dog obeys the owner, he will feel comfortable, and you can spend every day at ease without pressure.
    of course, the owner must first treat the dog with deep love, so that the dog will obey the owner.
    When the power of the dog grows, the nerves are in a state of tension at any time, resulting in stress generation. And due to peeing everywhere, it will definitely cause great trouble for the owner. In order to benefit the dog's training, in the process of walking, the owner must master the main control. Do not let the dog anymore make a marker when walking, and you can also maintain environmental hygiene and cleanliness.

    5, enthusiasm for dogs
    The first thing for many parents to return home every day is to hug the dog. Its snacks, playing with it, in fact, such behavior is to reduce the status of parents. In the wolf group, the first thing to return to the wolf after getting a warrior, the first thing to return to the wolf group is to show the leader and the leader's favor. If parents go home, they will play and feed the dogs immediately, then Undoubtedly, I was saying to the dog: I am back, I will report to you!
    The correct approach is to never ignore the dog, no matter how it is sorrowful and cute, sometimes its humming is just ordering you: hurry up and give me! Over time, you will find that even if you ignore it home, it will not have much objection, because it knows that you are the boss, and it dare not order you.

    After establishing your prestige, many practices do not need to be strictly executed, for example:
    Let go of the traction, it will follow your pace at most of it
    . Even if you do not take it to take a walk on time, it will not make trouble, just wait quietly
    Even if you do n’t have snack rewards, it will urinate at the designated place
    . Even if you do n’t hug it immediately when you go home, it will not rush
    Even if you reprimand it, it will not treat you to you Tung tooth grin, because your status has been established,
    your status in the dog's heart is the supreme
    then you will find that the dog will live easily,
    t his There are not so many things he should worry about in the world,
    and your burden will become very small.

  2. How do dogs choose the owner? For the first time to meet the host, the pet dog recognizes the entire process of the Lord
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  3. I think it should be the first person to take him home. The first person to accompany him for the first night. My family was pulling home for two months. I was taken home by me at night. Going to an internship in the field, I walked for two months. When I came back, my dog ​​still ignored the other people behind my ass ...

  4. After being born, he was first hugged home when puppies, and those who cared about it. The dog would see who was better to it. If there were many people at home, of course, it was the best one for it, but followed by People will also be their master, mainly depending on your relationship with your dogs.

  5. There is not much difference between puppies and birth babies. They always rely on food and people who like to be intimate with it. However How to live, teach it to distinguish right or wrong, take some incentive measures or punishment measures if necessary, provided that it cannot hurt it. The feelings are cultivated.

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