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  1. 1. When the dogs are 4 or 5 months old, mix a raw egg in dog food every morning and evening.
    2, 4-7 months of 4-7 months, 2 or two of the dogs (if you eat more meat, you will be deficient in calcium), it is best to be lean meat. Cooked meat is not as fat as raw meat.
    3, except for dog food to give dogs a snack every day (not dog snacks), such as: virgin fruit (small tomatoes), oranges, apples, pears, tofu, etc. Don't repeat, adjust the dog's stomach. Basically, there are no dogs with problems. Don't believe that dog food is the only choice, and change more food. Even people will have the same instant noodles every day without appetite.

  2. If the puppies are like children, they need to eat a small amount. Usually, it should be fed three to four meals a day, about 30 pieces at a time, soak it with warm water. The habit of timing fixed -point defecation. The amount of feeding should be flat after eating. Hungry will only be dysplasia of dogs, poor immunity, and prone to illness. In addition, a moderate amount is matched with some nutritious things, such as cooked and not salt beef, beef heart, pork liver, carrots, can feed gastrointestinal treasures every day, regulate gastrointestinal function, and increase appetite.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~ within about three minutes ~nYou need to replace a dog food with rich nutrition and balance, moderate taste, and guaranteed quality, and occasionally feed the dogs to cook some cooked chicken breasts, beef and other foods. In addition, the owner can also feed dogs with special sheep milk powder, nutritional cream and other health products to help dogs enhance their physique.nWhat should I do if the dog eats dog food or is thin?nAnswer whether the dog is deworming in timenThere are many parasites in the dog's body. If the insecticidal is not fascinated from time to time, they will absorb the nutrition of the dog's foodnQuestions and insect repellentnIn addition to eating dog food, you can also provide dogs with milk powder, vitamin nutrition cream to supplement nutrition from time to time to make some cooked fish and minced white rice porridge.n5 morenBleak

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