How to train dogs to urinate in the toilet?

My dog ​​is a three -month -old Chihuahua. I have been back for more than half a month, or urinate anywhere. How can I train it faster?

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  1. If the dog urinates anytime, anywhere, it is recommended to fix the bowel movement. You can put the urine pad to a fixed position, or suck the urine on the urine pad and place it in a fixed position.
    The dogs generally follow the last laxative odor to find it, and continuously conduct several tunnels to defecate at the specified location.
    This continuous tuning can be used to defecate or urinate at the position of the urine pad. Under normal circumstances, it is more useful for small dogs, but it is more difficult to adjust for large dogs, so large dogs should be excreted at home to limit their motion.
    If the dog meets the requirements, you can use food or snacks as a reward. Next time the puppy will remember that it is a very smart creature.
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  2. It is also a matter for dogs to urinate. Do you know how to train it?
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    The habit of basic urination: Bring a puppy home, it is best to be fed for two hours after two hours of feeding or before In order to prevent motion sickness from vomiting to the esophagus, put it in a small paper box or hold it tightly in front of the chest to make it feel safe.
    In the house, first put it in the place where the four master designated it to urinate, let it urinate, and then take it to other environments in the family, let it walk freely to adapt to the environment, do not hold it, chase it It is the cause of timidity to cause it to be scared. After being familiar with the environment, take it into a dog cage and wait for eating. After eating, take it to the place where it is fixed. Playing with your family, if you have a sign of urination, take it to the place to urinate.
    We every time you eat, bring it to a fixed place to urinate, let it know that its toilet is there. If you want to put the newspaper on the ground when it is fast and small. Dogs will be correct. At that time, we must praise, encourage, and praise it. It is a smart puppy smart puppy. If the location is wrong, it will be corrected in time. Because too young, muscles cannot be controlled, puppies are too scared or excited to urinate, and they will be fine when they grow up.
    In repeated this time, it will take the initiative to go to the toilet to urinate. I ca n’t find it next time. Only a slight smell of the place should cause it to cause it, so that it will remember about three or four days. This training requires extreme patience and love, and the dog can understand for a few days. =================================
    Toilet training is also one of the important topics of owners. Especially when breeding indoors, if you do not do a good job of toilet training, the dog will urinate the bowel movement, which will make people hurt. Some people think that the dog's toilet will be used to the toilet, and the dog will be there as a toilet, and there will be an "toilet liquid" selling Arimonia's odor on the world. But in fact, this method of using urine -stained newspapers or toilet paper to keep the dog in mind the location of the toilet will almost fail, because the dog does not like urine in the place where you have your own urine. Even if the surface of the newspaper and toilet paper is already dry, only the little smell is left, and the dog will rely on his own sense of smell. When you smell this odor and think that "here is dirty", it will be excreted in other places. So how to do toilet training? The secret is the dog's habit. Wild dogs, after being produced in the nest, the newborn puppies cannot urinate by themselves. When defecation, the bitch will use their tongue to stimulate the rats of the small people to promote the puppy's leakage. At the same time, the bitch will lick the puppy's dung urine to avoid staining the nest. If you leave the taste of urine and stool, it will become a sign of natural enemies. Therefore, when the puppy learns to urinate by itself, it will be excreted at the place where the nest is far away. This is the basic habit of the dog. From this habit, we can understand that the toilet should be as far as the nest of the dog as much as possible. "But when there is a nest when raising a dog at home?" Some people must have such doubts. Now many people are raising on the balcony, courtyard, or home. Make a decent dog house so that the dog can rest with peace of mind. Those who have watched Western movies or cartoons must be familiar with dog houses. The dog's nest is the place where the nest is replaced by the nest. Whether the setting of the dog's nest has a lot to do with the puppy's toilet training. Arrange the dog's nest for dogs, and then the toilet is set in a slightly soil far from the kernel's nest. When the dog leaves the dog's nest, take it to the toilet first to let it have the toilet. At the beginning, even if he said to the dog, "Hey! Hurry up!" It might not be able to urinate. Therefore, you can use iron wire to surround the toilet and put it in it. Before the dog completes the excretion, it has been locked in the wire mesh and the excretion is completed before it is put out. It can usually allow it to move freely indoors, but when the owner goes out or sleeps at night, it still needs to be locked into the dog house. As soon as you leave the dog house, take it to the toilet to excrete. After continuous practice, the dog will have conditional reflexes. As long as it goes to the toilet, it will immediately urinate. When this can be done, there is no need for a wire. It was mentioned before that it is meaningless to use the diarrhea without dogs. Therefore, after the dog is excreted, you should put it on a clean newspaper and cushion. This is the correct toilet education. I believe that you already know it. The main point is to separate the dog house from the toilet. When the dog leaves the dog house, take it to the toilet immediately to make it restrict this series of actions. When failed, the reason for 100 % is to let the dog's free movement in the room. Let the dogs "live in the house" in the house actually make them lack their own private space. Perhaps some people think that letting dogs freely move in the room can reduce the generation of stress. In fact, the opposite is the opposite. Due to the lack of places that can rest with peace of mind, the dog will cause great mental stress. For dogs, the room is its territory as a whole, so it must continue to be alert and defense instinct, otherwise the field will be violated. Therefore, once a stranger comes to the home, like a postman, send gas, send a report, etc., the dogs will keep screamed and even attack. If you have given it a peace of mind from an early age, even if the doorbell rang or even thunder, the dog can ignore it. Some people think that when a dog is in large hours, you must immediately pay the responsibility, suppress its head to smell the odor, teach it, and let it know that you can't urinate anywhere. But in fact, this is a big mistake. Although dogs are punished, it cannot understand the truth of human beings and cannot reflect on themselves that they cannot urinate anywhere. Dogs will think that "if you urinate, you will be scolded, so you must endure it." Therefore, forcing the dog to hear your urine may have a temporary effect, but in fact, it is only because the dog feels "too terrible to feel too terrible "And endurance, after a while, it will urinate again. The correct method is to immediately bring the dog to other rooms, and the owner silently clean the urine to remove the odor. Most of the reason why the correct size cannot be learned is caused by letting the dog move freely in the room, and there is no fixed dog house. It is the fundamental solution to find the reason. Education and training should start from an early age for dogs. During the 1 to 3 months after birth, it is a very important social domestication period. Most of the dog's temperament decides during this period. At this age, I have a strong interest in the surrounding environment, the strongest adaptability, easy to establish a good relationship with humans, and cultivating a tamed personality. At this time, most puppies have not received complete vaccine basic injection. Therefore Most of them are recommended to avoid contact with other dogs or humans to prevent infectious diseases. However, from the perspective of tuning, in this period of false social domestication, if you are at home all day, it will have a negative impact on personality. AAWJ *> RJ
    When going out, it is not necessary to put a dog and let the dog walk by themselves. , Or stroking the puppy, it can help it adapt to human society. When you grow up, you will not be nervous as soon as you go out. When you see a stranger or other dogs, you will be alert. Touching is the foundation of establishing a good relationship. It is the beginning of human communication between people and dogs. Many do not like ears or nails, or are touched and broken tails. Protect the instinct of self -fragile parts. Many people have touched the dog's head and back, but this is not the correct way to touch.正确的方法是所谓“露出鼠蹊部”,把小狗压倒在地,四脚朝天,用力制压住它的喉咙,并告诉它“趴下”,再慢慢摸它的耳朵、尾巴、脚尖、 Mouth and other parts. This behavior is the way to imitate puppies to educate puppies. When the bitch wants to control the puppy, it will let the puppy move around the sky, and then hold the puppy's throat. Although the puppy cannot be divided into good or bad, it can be judged by the mother's "imperial" behavior. evil. This kind of "revealing the touches of the rats is the basis of tuning. If the dog will be fierce, not letting people touch, you can also use dog food to help training. As long as someone touches his body, you can eat dog food. When the body is touched, there will be good things that will happen, and you will open the area where you touch the touch. "M: GO-TK
    There are already bad habits, such as when the doorbell is ringing, keep barking, walking in a walk, just picking things to eat; seeing other dogs, desperately barking ... Is it correct to correct it? I believe that most people think that dogs can't understand people's words, and only by physical punishment to make it "pain and pain" can they achieve the purpose of lesson. In fact, this is the wrong idea. Being scolding will only cause the dog to have "hostile" and "fear", and it will only remember the facts of being beaten (good memory dogs are more likely to remember for a lifetime !!!) instead of Remember the reason for being beaten. Moreover, when you blame it, your exciting tone sounds like he is supporting it, it will only call it more vigorously, and you will only exhaust yourself. The correct way is to ignore and do not pay for love. The main relationship. If it still works, then you must use the "punishment method of heaven". The key to this method lies in "sight". If you look at the dog to teach it positively, it represents the meaning of "duel" and will arouse its resistance. But if you look at it in the eyes, use the pulling dog, throw it with a rolling newspaper or a little water, make it uncomfortable to restrict its behavior, but because you do n’t look at it, it doesn’t have it. The hostile object, it feels that it is punishment from heaven to be uncomfortable by dogs, and it will not be unwilling to humans. The "leading walk" method mentioned earlier also uses the same principle. O, V9R RG
    MZ0J! Qyk
    In order to make a good relationship with dogs and humans, this method is very important. Keep it in mind that you must not look at it. In addition to mastering leadership, praise is also very important during the training process. When the dog is doing well, you will just praise you to do it very well! The dogs who obey their instincts will think that the owner praises me. What to do next time can the owner praise it? I want to work harder. The sticks and carrots must be pace together to have the complementary effect. When training the dog to obey the operation, it immediately says good sounds and touch it with his throat. It will feel happy in the dog's heart and help further training. These are the tips designed by dog ​​trainers based on the nature of the dog. I hope that you who love your dog will make your dog more obedient. The effort to give it is definitely the key to success, but if you do n’t know excessive doting, you can make the puppy proud. Can't stand it. If everyone can tune the dogs from the puppies, it should reduce the problem of some stray dogs

  4. You can take him to the place you designated when he urine, or see him urinate elsewhere, you take the newspaper to dry his urine, let him smell, and lead him all the way to To the place you specified, put the newspaper there, and after a few times he will urinate in the place you specified. When you pay attention, do not take the place where he often close him as his toilet, so she will be unwilling to be in Urine

  5. Education should be carried out when it is urinating. Otherwise, he will not know where to do wrong. The place where he is urinating is completely clear, eliminating the odor to avoid him continued to make mistakes. Put his urine in his designated toilet, anyway

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