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  1. There are more and more dogs. Dogs can be said to be the most well -deserved human good friends. Humans treat dogs as friends and family members, and dog lovers have become more and more. Dogs in human life are everywhere. Many children also like to play with dogs. They are much more children's children's picture books, children's paintings and children's film and television animation works. So how do you draw a dog's stick figure?
    How to draw the steps of dog stick figures

    Is when drawing the dog's head, the first step is to draw a ray of hair on the head. One semi -circular, the third step is to draw brackets below the semi -circular, and the fourth step is connected to all graphics. On both sides of the head, we draw a large ear for it, and the inside of the ears is drawn with a vertical line to indicate the thickness of the dog's ears. Then it is to draw the dog's facial features. First draw a beautiful big eyes. You do n’t need to apply black in the eyeball area. Then draw the triangle as the nose, and then draw your mouth with W. One u replaced. In the dog's neck, we draw a collar with a pendant, and we all look at everyone how to draw a pendant. The next step is to draw the dog's body and toes. After completion, you must not forget the tail, so that the children's stick figure dogs are fine.
    How to draw the dog stick figure step 1 Dog stick figure how to draw step 2 Dog stick figure. Step 6 How to draw Dog stick figures. Step 7 Towards the right to view more steps Related content Light figure Dog Dog Dog Skeleton Figure How to Draw a Stick Drawing Dog Stock Pain. How to draw dogs How to draw stick drawing stick drawing puppy dog ​​dog stick figure how to draw dog stick figure tutorial tutorial drawing dog stick figure

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