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    No matter how reluctant we are willing to get sick, cats will be sick, and we will treat some small symptoms at home, but we must bring to pet hospital for treatment. So, how to choose a hospital with good qualifications and good conditions for cats?
    First of all, people who often communicate with people who are raising pets to see which hospitals have been to. Which hospital doctors have patient patients, clever medical skills, and which hospitals have good sanitary environment and so on. After understanding the general situation of the surrounding hospitals and the reputation of the masses, we can choose a good hospital more objectively here.
    and then come to the door for inspection. Go to the hospital to see the sanitary conditions and disinfection equipment to see the number of pets that come to see the doctor. If you have any aspects of the instrument, you can make a judgment on the situation of the hospital, so as to determine whether the hospital is trustworthy.
    important items: the qualifications of hospitals and doctors. Regular pet hospitals should have "animal diagnosis and treatment permits" and "animal epidemic prevention certificate" at the same time. Neither of them is dispensable. Otherwise, doctors cannot perform big operations on chest and abdomen. If the doctor is a graduate of a veterinary profession, he has a certain degree of medical experience and has a "veterinarian diagnosis and treatment qualification certificate". Doctors with intermediate qualifications can open prescriptions. And doctors are best to be patient with cats and think about cats everywhere, so that once the prescription is prescribed and the knife is opened, it will be considered for cats. The nurses of the hospital should hold the "Medical Diagnosis Assistant Qualification Certificate" to have professional skills to care for pets.
    The understand medical expenses. The price bureau has stipulated the cost of cats and surgery. But because of the differences between members, the cost may be slightly different, but it will not be too different. If you feel that the charge is too high, you can complain to the relevant departments.

  2. I have a cat in my family. I ranked the position near the first. I thought that there would be less time on the road, so there were not many choices. If you look at the location on the map, you can see one by one. See if the environment is clean The taste is not big, how is the doctor or the front desk? For example, I first found a place to find a vaccine and found the Binjiang Qianhao Pet Hospital near the house. I asked their vaccine prices, types, and precautions. These are not bad.

  3. Hardware facilities: For pet diseases, accurate diagnosis is necessary. With advanced professional instruments, it can be more accurate and detailed. Price list: It is clearly expressed by the price department or a detailed and comprehensive charging price list. If there is a charged charging, it can complain to the local animal husbandry management office, animal quarantine supervision station and other institutions.

  4. How to choose the address of the pet hospital? Choose a lot of nearby communities and love dogs, you can check it out. Now Baidu Maps to see where is the most densely dense area, and then go to see where there are more dogs. The puppy said that he is sick as he is sick, so it will be better to open in those places.

  5. There are too many pet hospitals, and there are more than 400 Hangzhou. Each hospital can survive, indicating that each hospital has its own customers and does a good job.
    So which one is good, and you have to experience it yourself before you know

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