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  1. 1. Poodles are often called teddy dogs, but its original name should be the poodle. Teddy is just the most common way of beauty. The most common dogs are basically small. Pureon, there are also medium and large poodles.
    It, there are poodles of black, gray, white, etc., and their body shape also has a tea cup to VIP to giant VIP. Such dogs are the highest IQ puppies with lively personality. And the biggest advantage is that it is not as good as other dogs, but it needs to be regularly raised.
    2, Biens, this kind of dog generally only has one white color, and the eyes of the bear are round. The personality of the VIP is similar, and it is also smarter.
    3, the most famous Bomei dog in Bomei is a yellow Pomeranian named "Junsuke". Its cute shape has been praised by many. The beauty shape of Wang Xingren.

    4, the smallest Wang Xingren in the world in the world, the dogs such as Chihuawa are small, and they are well taken care of by the hair. They are slightly stubborn and powerful.
    5, Sherry is also known as the "little old man", because this kind of dog is characterized by long "beard" like old grandpa, and sometimes it is stubborn and stubborn, but it is usually a one Live, vibrant guy. Black, salt and pepper, gray, silver, and white are standard. The most commonly raised is giant Schinari and mini Sherry.
    6, Bago is also known as "Haba Dog". He has a short and strong figure, a very cute appearance, wrinkles on his eyes, prominent nose, and looks very stupid, as if he was beaten with a punch. Eating is easy to accept, and the amount of exercise is large, but it is not suitable for excessive exercise because of its short nasal cavity.
    7, deer dogs are called "mini Dubin". The general color is black and red (some people say "iron bag gold"), and the red hair with long limbs is gradually erected with the age with age. Sexuality and lively.

    The general pet dogs are mostly puppies, and they also have big dogs, but not many. For more articles about pet dogs, you can click "Pet Dog Daily Training Method" to learn.

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