Where can I sell dogs in Chengdu? Is it reliable?

Where can I sell dogs in Chengdu? Is it reliable?

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  1. Chengdu’s largest. The most formal pet market is next to Chengdu Shiling Bus Station. (On the side of the third ring road, to the Chengnan Liqiao Bridge), take the 301 (Dufu Caotang-Shiling Bus Terminal) in the urban area to the terminal: Shiling Bus Terminal. In the city center, Qingshiqiao Market is sold. In addition, there are 3 large -scale surroundings. Shi Ling Pet Market Location: Shine of Shiling Town, Nongquan District, Chengdu Cover: More than 20 acres of market time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Introduction: Standard and stable pet flower and bird market ride: Bus: Cultural Palace 7th Road, urban and rural roads 3 and 9, Chadongzi 108, 113 roads on Sands, 301 Road on Caotang Temple, cluster bridge 307, train North Railway Station 308 Pet Market (Huangtianba) New Occupy: 14 acres of market time: Every Wednesday and Sunday, the pet market for the Sunday has always been the largest and most famous pet market in the main urban area of ​​Chengdu. Line of the car: (Cultural Palace) 13th Road, and the 32nd Road to the third stop of the Taoyuan Pet Market (Petrome) New Land: More than 40 acres of market time: Every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Introduction: There are more than 200 shops, more than 200 shops, more than 200 shops, Nearly 20 merchants are currently the only ecological flower and bird pet market in the southwest. Ride routes: 53, 29, 83, 90, 405, 404, 502, 503, and 503 can be reached.

    The merchants here are very reliable, after -sales is also good, and people are very kind and affordable. If you have any problems, you can come back at any time

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