5 thoughts on “How to send a circle of friends to find a circle of friends to find”

  1. I lost how to send a circle of friends. You can send the picture of the dog in the circle of friends, or you can send some pictures of his picture on the electric pole on the place where you lose.

  2. If the dog is lost, if you want to send a circle of friends, you can send a dog's notice in the circle of friends to describe the basic characteristics of the dog. If you have pictures, it is best to attach the picture.

  3. The dogs were lost and wanted to send a circle of friends to find it. Then you have to send some pictures for the dog at this time, that is, after those photos were posted before, and then I wrote clearly. In addition, I also write it. Return and the like.

  4. I feel that this kind of fat is not very good. Maybe no one pays attention to this kind of homework. You can find the local government, or the police and the like

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