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  1. The advantage is
    . Battered sterilization:

    1. Reduce the incidence of breast tumors. Before the first estrus, sterilization can be reduced to less than 0.5%. After the first estrus, surgery can be increased to 8%. After two estrus, the incidence is increased to 26%. The effect.

    2. Prevent ovarian cysts. Early sterilization for dogs, removing ovarian uterus can eradicate this disease.

    3. Reduce the incidence of uterine pus. The uterine pus is a disease in the late stages of estrus of the dog. The removal of ovarian uterine can prevent the occurrence of uterine pus.

    4. Reduce the chance of the occurrence of fake pregnancy.

    5. Control to reduce the number of pets unnecessary and avoid excessive stray animals.

    6. For the owner, avoid the blood of the dog's estrus.

    . Gong Dog's potential:

    1. Reduce the chance of prostate hyperplasia and infection of dogs.

    2. Reduce the incidence of perineal hernia and prevent the occurrence of perianal tumors.

    3. Reduce the fighting and injuries caused by the spouse.

    4. Reduce the dog's urine mark.

  2. Dogs who have done sterilization surgery are more likely to develop cancer and autoimmune diseases, and dogs who have not performed sterilization surgery are more likely to die because of infectious diseases and trauma. Dogs who have not performed sterilization surgery also died of cancer, but cancer is a more common cause of death for dogs who have performed sterilization. " The dogs who are scratch live longer, but if you want your dog to breed, you must also know the possible risk of autoimmune diseases and cancer. If you don't want your dog to breed, pay more attention to the dog's infectious disease and The problem of trauma.
    The best time period for sterilization
    The best sterilization time is the first time or estrus period before the bitch. Dogs have sterilized surgery for 3-4 months.
    The veterinarian believes that the sooner the surgery, the more conducive to the development of health and good personality. Doing sterilization surgery before the first childbirth can usually make the dog can make the dog. We maintain the lively and active personality of adolescence.

    It above content Reference: People's Daily-Popular Popularity: Sterilizer Dogs Live longer

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