1 thought on “The puppy dropped his head, is there something wrong?”

  1. It depends on how your puppy's own situation is recovered. If the puppy is particularly small, the chance of recovery may not be very large, because the puppy’s head has not yet grown, plus the head dropped, and the head dropped. If you have always been crooked, the chance of recovery is relatively small.

    If the puppy is not very large, then there is not much problem, it will be fine in a few days, you can feed him some cooked pork liver, or stew him stewed Pot the trotters soup, make up for the bone. I advise you to go to the pet hospital to take a film and deal with it as soon as possible, don't drag. This is not good for dogs. It is also uncomfortable to be the owner.
    First of all, see if there is a clear serious trauma. This must be paid attention to, and it should be disinfected in time.
    has no major hindrance, pay attention to whether the nervous system is damaged:
    The judgment of whether conditional radiation exists, such as blowing ears, tickling, see if the response is normal, quickly; for example, let it make it allow it Stretch out your left foot, let it go to the nest and rest; if the above response is normal, there should be no major things, you can move the injury and protect it.
    If determined that the puppy hurts the head and the situation is more serious, it is best to take it to the pet hospital in time to make a brain CT to see if there is bleeding in the brain. Do you have a brain shock or the like? If there is any, you can treat it targeted. If not, then there are no major problems, you only need to recover for a few days to fully recover.
    Secondly, puppies may cause intracranial damage to the head, causing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, drooling, and poor mental state. Once these symptoms occur, you need to go to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. But even if the puppies do not have these symptoms after falling their heads, the owner should pay attention to observing the puppy's reaction at all times.

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