2 thoughts on “What pets are more human?”

  1. If you want to know humanity, the higher the level of animals, the more humanity is. The first choice in real life must be a mammal headed by cats and dogs. Since you don't like cats and dogs, you might as well consider other mammal pets and hamsters? squirrel? I don't know if the questioner likes it? There are also some smart birds. Parrots, Big Brother, Brother ...
    The words of turtles, fish, and some uncommon different pets: snakes, lizards, crickets, spiders ...
    The more you do n’t know about it, but why are there still people (including me)? Although the so -called "near the water knows the fish, the sound of birds near the mountain", although they do not know humanity, they do not prevent us from seeing its nature.

  2. The most humane pet is estimated to be a dog. The most human nature among the dogs is naturally Chinese Chinese pastoral dogs, that is, native dogs.
    It many people have misunderstandings about the soil dogs, thinking that the blood of the earth dog is not good, and I don't like this. In fact, this is wrong. Turkey is a direct descendant of the Asian wolf, with the purest Asian wolf blood. Its breeding ability is too strong, so it is common in rural China, because too much is not valued by people.
    This dogs have been raised since childhood. Once raised, it is absolute loyalty. Looking at the home care homes, he is absolutely due to his duties, and he also supports it. He eats whatever you give. And how you do it will not attack you.
    This dog's territory is very strong. If other dogs arrive at home, he will attack. And when the outsiders come, he will attack, and you will not attack when you shout. Many earth dogs, the owner is dead, this dog will often go to the graveyard to see.
    So what dogs are the most human, belong to the Chinese pastoral dog.

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