5 thoughts on “How to view many people's excessive dependence on pets?”

  1. Nowadays, more and more people depend on pets. The main reasons are the following two points.

    . Pets can help the owner decompress.
    Whether it is a cat or a dog, they can reduce the pressure on the owner. Nowadays, white -collar workers work a lot every day and often work overtime, and go home late at night. In contrast, if you get a dark space, if you can have a cute pet, you can bring a lot of comfort to the owner. And it is unable to get soothing emotions at work. When you return home, you can release it by hug the dog. Many friends will let pets sleep with themselves after raising pets, because this can bring them a sense of security, and they can also cultivate their feelings and pets.
    . Lonely.
    This training in big cities is alone. There are no friends or family members in strange cities. No matter what you do, you will look particularly lonely. If you are busy with work, you do n’t have time to think about it. Once you reach the weekend, your loneliness will be released. No friends, no family weekends, made them confused. If you have pets at home, something will be done, because pets can't be idle at home. As long as the weather is good, they always want to walk out.

    I. as a pet owner, since it is determined to raise pets, it must be particularly caring and will definitely meet the pet's requirements. Therefore, on the weekend, everyone can also see a lot of friends walking alone on the street. To a large extent, dogs also solve these lonely friends weekends. While the owner was released, they also exercised their bodies.
    Dogs are our loyal friends. The reason why human beings depend on dogs are also derived from the love of dogs.

  2. Mainly this person is too empty. If you are busy at work, you don't have time to accompany your pets, or let pets accompany themselves.

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