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  1. In daily study, work, and life, the most unfamiliar thing about everyone is composition. Writing can exercise our alone habits, let our hearts calm down, and think about their future direction. Do you know how to write compositions to be standardized? Here are 200 words of interesting puppy composition I organized. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 1 Speaking of puppies, everyone must first think of German Shepherd (that is, wolf dog). Its head is round, with a pair of big eyes as a walnut, and a small nose By the way, there is a special tongue -this tongue is used for heat dissipation, and the dog never sweats. It has a yellow hair in brown, which is very similar to wolf hair. The alias of "wolf dog" is because of this. It has four strong legs, and it is absolutely no problem to follow the car. It also has a small tail of about forty centimeters long. To know you straight, shaking the tail is happy, and it is scared or angry on the ground.
    The appearance looks fierce, but as long as you don't hit it, it will never bite you. It is used by people to see home, and its food is small, just eat it a little; besides, it is very honest and will not bite people (including the owner). It is because of these two points that people use it to look at it. Door.
    . Its nose is very good. Even if there are weeds on the ground, it can accurately determine the orientation. It can find the owner, go home, and go to the place where it should go. It is very loyal to the owner, and is willing to sacrifice itself without any harm.
    This is a German shepherd. After listening to my introduction, everyone is coming to be friends with it!
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 2 My family has a cute puppy. Because it is particularly black, I named it "Ahi".
    The black eyes of "Ahi" are round. When "Wang Wang" is called, the sound is sharp and thin, like a little doll singing. There is also a pair of triangular black ears down. The black hair wrapped in its body was very comfortable to feel.
    "Ahi" is a very clean puppy. Once, I finished my homework very early, so I asked my mother what housework had to help, and my mother said with a smile, "Then you should take a bath for Ahei!" I agreed quickly. I took out the "Ahei" bathing pot from the cabinet, put water into the pot, let "Ahi" jump in, and then wipe some shower gels for "Ahi", kneading a lot of bubbles, no After a while, "Ahi" became a "Snowman", and "Ahi" was so happy that "Wang Wang" was called. After washing, the hair of "A black" became particularly bright and soft. It also looked at me with gentle eyes, as if saying, "Little master, thank you for washing me so clean."
    "Ahi" is really interesting, I like our "A black" very much Essence
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 3 out of school. I went straight to the back garden to play with the puppy that I took back on the roadside.
    This dogs are yellow and white, and small eyes are sometimes covered with long hair. I also gave a name for this puppy with unknown origin, called Huahua.
    I hugging the flowers on the field to play, haha! It's so fun! It faces the limbs in the sky, and sometimes I put my front leg on my hand.
    "Xinyi, it's time to eat dinner." Mom shouted loudly to me while washing the pot that had just burned the meal. When I heard my mother's call, I immediately ran home to "cook" to Huahua: I poured the favorite dog food of Huahua to my favorite small box, and poured a glass of water in a bowl. "Nutrition dinner" is done. I also wash my hands and eat a nutritious dinner made by my mother for me.
    The "Nutrition Dinner", Huahua and I have to take a bath again. I took a pot with a pot of warm water inside and put the flowers in. I wet the hair on its head and washed it again. Well, it is really fragrant!
    I wiped the shower gel again, and then rushed the shower gel and shampoo on it.
    ! It's really interesting to be with animals. I like it and like to play with it.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words. 4 Today, I came to Huofeng Mountain with my parents, where the scenery was picturesque, there were many plants, and the air was very clear.
    But the mother said that we were not playing here, where we played, and the mother pointed at a iron door. "Where?" I asked. Mom replied, "Yes, it's there." "In that rusty iron door?" I asked. "Although this door is very broken, there is something in it that will surprise you." Mom replied. Opening the door, a puppy was crying hard, "It must be called the owner who calls it." I thought. Suddenly, the dog didn't call, I thought: it should think that we are not a bad person. I felt hairy at my feet, and I found that the dog was gone. I slowly looked down and found that the dog was under my feet. I screamed: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I scared me halfway.
    The owner of the dog said that the dog was called Wang Cai. Soon I started to play with Wangcai. After playing enough, I started to eat barbecue. Wangcai followed, and soon I found a secret about Wangcai. It is just that you must give it a string of meat as long as you have a skewers that have just finished.
    This is interesting puppy prosperous wealth.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words in 200 words, there are many interesting things, always make us happy: a tricky squad leader, a kitten who loves to hide, a humorous lesson. These are all treasured in my memory. Today, let me talk about a dog who fell in love with the jump and bite things.
    The neighbor has a puppy named: "Dull of Dull." Although it is called blunt, it is not dull at all. It will hide when you bite someone else, and bite things one hole after another, and then return things to you.
    That day, a friend and I were playing tennis. I accidentally passed the ball outside the court. Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out of the grass, quickly biting the ball, and rushing towards the grass on the opposite side. Staying there, I chased the past, Black Shadow came into the grass, I pushed my head into the grass, and saw the true face of the player. It was blunt. The speed rushed out of the grass and ran away. I chased it. I ran too tired, so I had to watch the ball disappear from my eyes.
    I have been looking for the ball and I have n’t found it. After a few days, I found the ball at the door of the house, but the ball had been holes and a hole, and the face was completely recognized.
    This is really an interesting dog. Do you like such an interesting puppy?
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 6 "Bell". It is a golden retriever. It was on the way to my uncle's house. Mom picked it up. It was a very interesting puppy.
    It has a golden yellow hair, and it will shine in the sun. A pair of small ears slowly fanned, a pair of big eyes like black gems. The tail shakes, so cute.
    The habit that cannot be changed is to make people hold. When it was young, I also liked to make people hold it. At that time, I didn't take it in my heart, but now it looks older than me. How can I hold it!
    It also likes to sleep. When you go to bed, you have to find a place with sunlight. After the sun, you lie down first, then close your eyes, and then pat the ground with your tail. It is also very rhythmic!
    This is very interesting when eating. I brought the vegetables over, and when it smelled the fragrance, I hurried up. I put down the plate and took the water for it, but when I came back, it was gone, and even mine was gone! I am weird: what is going on? Later, I learned that it was not full, so I also ate me. I was very angry and put two packs of pepper powder in its water. As soon as it licked it, it jumped and made me laugh.
    I "Bell" is really interesting, I like it, do you like it?
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 7 We have a puppy in our family, it is called a puffy ball, the nickname is the ball. The hair on the ball is yellow, the head is golden yellow, the tail is black, and the mouth is also black. The ball has a long tail, thick and long legs, small and round ears, and small and round heads. It looks stupid, but also cute.
    once, I gave it meals, and I saw what the ball seemed to smell, I hid, suddenly it looked up and kept staring at the corner of my body. I never came out. The ball began to scream wildly, as if he was saying, "Come out, I'm hungry!" I couldn't stand it anymore, so I came out, I walked to it, it was fierce. A scared me, if it was anxious at this time, it would jump with the hind legs. It really achieved it. In this way, the rice is sprinkled on the ground. At this time, it is not so lively. With the tail, hurry up to the back of the wall. At this time I want to hit it, but it is so cute, so I don't want to hit it!
    This puppy is greedy, cute and naughty. Once I was almost wronged by my grandma because of it, this puppy really made me cry.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 8 have a dog in my house. Because the whole body is dark, we call it "Xiao Hei".
    Sometimes Xiao Hei is very enthusiastic. Whenever I go home from school and go home, it will run out, stretch out two front legs, and rush into my arms like a hug. I have to pat his head, and it will let me let me go. Essence Sometimes it is also very naughty. It is either to make the dad's hard -to -plant vegetable fields messy, or to take the mothers with cotton slippers outside as a cushion. Whenever Xiao Hei is scolded by his mother. At this time, it was like a child who made a mistake, pulling his head and screamed.
    The most interesting thing is that my little black will catch mice. Every few days, a mouse, a mouse lying at the door of the house. This was the first time that Xiaohei caught the mouse at the door of the house to invite merit! When we came out, my mother said, "I know." It would turn two times in place, and then picked up the mouse to throw it away.
    This little black is really an interesting puppy, I like it!
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 200 words A few days ago, the grandmother's dog gave birth to three puppies, but unfortunately died two, and there was one left. Therefore, the bitch was inseparable from the puppy shape. Wherever I go, I always have a puppy. Since the two puppies died, the last puppy has grown fast and getting fatter.
    The cousin and I picked up the puppy and found that when the puppy was born, it looked like a monkey. The two ears were pulled down, the two small eyes had not opened, and the furry small body touched it comfortably.
    Wen for the first time we helped the puppy to catch the flea, it would not call or struggle. The next day we helped the puppy to catch the flea, the puppy would bullish it and still struggle. I ordered its belly. Its little feet were stunned. I ordered it a few times. It was very interesting. Essence
    not only one dog, but the other dogs are very interesting. There is a dog called Huahua. It is loyal to my grandmother. It is brave and interesting. Once my grandmother gave it to the little shop close to her grandmother's house, but it ran back to her grandmother's house three times.
    I. I want to become a professional household household in a few years.
    I like those two cute and interesting puppies.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 10 words, a pleasant Sunday, I went out to play. Seeing a cute puppy on the road, the puppy saw me and followed.
    This is a black and white dog. I do n’t know what kind of variety, but it is cute. Although it has been behind me, I do n’t care about it at all.
    Suddenly, this puppy ran to me and blocked me. I feel that it is about to attack me immediately, but it just licks my tongue, as if I want me to give it? By the way, there is a hot dog just bought in my bag, so I threw the hot dog to the ground. When the puppy saw the hot dog, the hot dog was eaten from the ground. I touched its head with a smile. ,left. I took a few steps, and the cute puppy followed up again, and I had to give it the bread I just bought, so that it did not keep up again.
    This is really an interesting fart puppy!
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 11 I have loved interesting little animals since I was a child. The puppy in our family -Xiaobai, I like it.
    . It has a white hair, and a short small tail is like a fish hook. Its eyes are dark, fat, and look like a white snowball.
    Is don't underestimate it. This little white is fun. Every time I feed it to eat bones, I will tease it first. I held the flesh and bone head in front of the eyes, and it chased me to run. I threw my bones to the distance. Essence
    one time my shoes were missing one, and I found it for a long time. I was very anxious. Xiaobai seemed to guess it. After a while, I saw the shoes in my mouth and shook my head and walked my head. come over. Wang Wang yelled a few times, as if he was saying to me, "Master, I have found your shoes back, is I great!"
    What do you see, is my little white interesting?
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 12 Words 12 My Grandpa's house has an interesting puppy, it is called "Potter", I like it very much.
    "Potter" has a dark black hair, a pair of sensitive ears, and a pair of big eyes, which is very attractive.
    The is very interesting. Once, I got cold at the chair in front of my house. "Potter" ran over and hugged my two legs, but it couldn't hold it. After sliding down again, it did not shrink back. As soon as I hugged, I wouldn't let it go, leaving a piece of red "stripe" on my legs. When I walked into Grandpa's house, it was very powerful. After a while, I called around me, and came to grab my legs for a while. I was afraid of the dog and stood on the sofa immediately. : The tiger is not prestigious, you should be a sick cat! I called "Wang" at a fast speed, scared the dog away several steps, and then ran out at the fastest speed. After the call, even I laughed. Do you say it is a puppy who is bullying and fearful?
    This is my grandfather's puppy. Do you like it?
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 13 words in my house. It has a puppy. Its name is Xiaotu, which is very cute.
    . Its head is large and round, like a small watermelon. Its eyes are dark, like a grape, a nose a bit like a triangle and wet. The body was fat, so I took it to the nickname, called the fat capital, and the tail was rolled up like a donut every time.
    I came back from school, and it ran out to meet me, and then Wang, Wang, and Wang Di called, as if you were back, I have been waiting for you for a long time! "After that, it was two. The forefoot raised, as if I was going to hug me, and then I quickly got out of the car to hug it. When I hugged, its body was soft like a pillow.
    It is really interesting, I like it very much.
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 14 words in my family, which is an interesting puppy, called Xuexue, because its hair is as white as snow, so I gave it this name.
    one time, I went home from school and found that Xuexue was gone, so I looked for it, and saw Xuexue bathing in the bathtub! I saw it wet, like a robotic dog fishing from the water. Seeing such a scene, I laughed. I saw it kept dumping, and the water splattered everywhere, the puppy was really interesting.
    again. I took Xuexue out to play. Suddenly Xuexue was gone, and I was so anxious that I was sweating. After a while, I saw a white thing. I jumped up and jumped, and called: "Xuexue! It's Xuexue!" Xuexue came over to me and yelled, as if saying, "Master, I'm back!"
    The puppy is so interesting!
    The interesting puppy composition 200 words 15 Saturday I was writing homework and suddenly heard a dog bark. At the beginning I thought it was a big dog, but when I went downstairs to see the dog The dog is calling.
    I see that this puppy is very cute, so I adopted it. After at noon, I took the bones to eat it, and I also gave it to the bones to eat after eating at night.
    The puppies at night will sleep at my house and start to sleep? Ha ha! I found a carton to sleep for the puppy.
    I tell you about the puppy's appearance. The body and legs are yellow. The four feet are black, with a yellow and black tail, a black and small nose, a pair of round eyes, and its entire body is small.
    Mas you hit me to give the puppy's name? Don't know! Let me tell you, called "Xiaohuang". Although the name of the puppy's puppy's name, the puppy I have seen now is much cute than the grandmother's puppy's puppy!
    I really like this puppy, because it is very cute and lively, so I like this puppy.
    In see the puppy, come to Huaha Market C52 to find a puppy!

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