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  1. Corgi is sold on Taobao.
    The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a small dog. They are very courageous and quite alert. They can protect their homes highly vigilantly and are one of the most popular small guard dogs.
    This Corgi Dog is a breed of dogs carried by Frander workers in 1107. According to the head of the fox, some people think that the dog is closely related to the ancestor of the sharp -mouth dog. However, some people think that with Wales and Sweden's Swedish short -footed dogs and indigenous dogs that have been traded to Wales to Wales, Corgi Dogs.
    This Corgi Dog's name comes from the meaning of petite dogs of "Corrci". This dog has two variants: Puluk dog and Cadanken dog. Panbrock dogs are more famous than Cardy dogs. Although this dog is petite, it has always been loved by senior people. From the 12th century Charlie I to Queen Elizabeth II, Wales Corki has always been a pet of the British royal family.
    Extension information:
    The choice of pet dogs mainly consider two points. One is to pick your favorite variety. There are many types of pet dogs, and their appearance is full of appearance. Many people like it, but it is limited to financial and energy. Therefore, you must choose your favorite variety of individuals. In this way, you can take care of it with him after adoption. The second is to choose a variety suitable for your breeding.
    The pet dogs have many classification methods. According to the size of the size, they can be divided into large, medium, small, and minimal. They are large in weight of 61cm or more. ; Body height 40.7 ~ 61 CM weight 30 ~ 40 kg is medium -sized; body height is 25.5 to 40.7 CM weight 30 kg is small; body height below 25 cm weight 4 kg is very small; Essence

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