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  1. First, do a good job of heat preservation.
    1. The newborn puppy can easily be frozen to death. In order to maintain body temperature, they usually like to squeeze together to warm up. At this time, the owner wants to prepare a warm nest for the dog mother. The blankets are paved to do a good job of heat preservation.
    2. Some dog mothers are the first mother. They may not know how to take care of puppies. The shoveling officer should not let the bitch be pressed or stepped on the puppies to prevent puppies from death. How to take care of the newborn puppy? These 5 areas are the most important.
    . Early diet care.
    1. A dog may have a lot of puppies in one child. Newborn puppy must feed milk every 2 to 3 hours. At this time, the dog mother will take care of the puppy. Essence Because the puppy hasn't opened his eyes yet, the owner must ensure that every little milk dog can eat breast milk, so that it will not affect development.
    2, if the breast milk is insufficient, or there is no way to eat breast milk dogs with careful care. The owner can prepare a pet -dedicated goat milk powder and feed the puppy with a bottle or syringe. Feed 2 ml of milk every 2 hours. After feeding, observe the dog's stomach. If the belly is slightly drum, it means that the dog is full.
    How to take care of the newborn puppy? These 5 areas are the most important.
    . Help puppies to defecate generally lick the anus of the little milk dog with my tongue to help the puppy bowel to defecation. If the dog's mother does not take care of it, the shoveling officer should do it by herself. Dip a small amount of warm water with disinfection cotton balls, gently wipe the puppy's abdomen, anus or genitals to stimulate the defecation. If the puppy continues to be exclusive.
    The belly is swollen, and children can use children to open up and help to defecate.

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