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  1. Dogs
    If dogs suddenly appear more eye feces, the owner must pay attention to it. After all, the normal dog suddenly appears such an abnormal situation still requires the owner to observe carefully and solve it in time.
    . There are many common reasons and solutions for dog -eye feces
    1. Internal fire is too strong: if pet dogs continue to appear a large amount of brown eye shit, it may be eye hygiene, or maybe some of them have eaten some some of them. What is getting angry causes inflammation of the corner of the eyes,
    This solution: If the situation is not very serious, you can apply some anti -inflammatory eye ointment, and then observe for a few more days.
    2. Foreign objects invading: Because foreign bodies cause inflammation of the eyes, you can slowly cut off the dog's eyes and blow away the foreign body,
    The dog opened his eyes, and the foreign body was washed away by water, and the method was quickly and simple.
    3. Variety: such as Bear, poodles, Polly, Kemeng dogs, chopsticks, etc. are prone to too much symptoms of eye shit. If you listen to it, tears will form.
    It solution: For this congenital cause, you can feed them some light and non -greasy dog ​​food foods. In addition, with chloropterin eye drops, about 3 times a day, the effect is good.
    . Observation and judgment of dog eye feces
    1. Observation of secretions: Most of the single -eye feces may be due to the touch of the eyes, the clogging of the nose and the sore duct, and the inverted eyelashes.
    2. Most of the eyes or eyes: Most of the eyes of the eyes are mostly the cause of inflammation. These are mostly simple diseases of the eyes or nose.
    3. Cough thick nose: Once you have a lot of eyes and eyes, you can also find problems such as thick snot, dry nose, cough, difficulty breathing, and pay attention to testing to determine the cause!

  2. Snacks and dog food containing high -salt, high -fat ingredients, or less drinking water. Secondly, it may be simply conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation.
    Preshids under normal circumstances that a small amount of eye shit is secreted every day, and the color is mostly dark brown, which may be caused by dietary causes. Secondly, it may be simply conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation, such as foreign bodies entering the eyes or scratching of dogs. It will be accompanied by symptoms such as red eyes, conjunctiva edema, and corneal ulcers. The color of the eyes is mostly yellow. Prevent dogs from scratching, wash with pet -dedicated eye washing, drip anti -inflammatory eye drops.
    If the owner does not clean up the habit of dog eye shit in time, long -term accumulated eye feces can stimulate the dog's eyes and cause more and more eye shit. Therefore, the owner needs to pay attention to cleaning the dogs every day.

  3. 1
    . In terms of diet:
    If the taste of your dog's food is very heavy, then you should pay attention. Tear marks are likely to be the reason for this. In note that the dog sometimes causes too much tears due to food sensitivity (dog food is important, sometimes changing dog food, you will find unexpected effects, depending on what dogs your dog is suitable for dogs is suitable for dogs suitable for Grain).
    . Fire:
    If your dog's urine is very yellow, usually unwilling to drink water, and tears are likely to be the reason for this. Add some apple cider vinegar can also play a certain role. The brand is not limited. If you add a bottle cap, if you are concentrated, add less and add a few drops.
    , beauty problem:
    This is the easiest to find. If you find that the hair around the dog's eyes is always tied to the eyes, the hair around the eyes is too long, the eye stimulates the eyes, that is When the beauty is not repaired, you can cut it yourself.
    , lacrimal glands blocked:
    This is more troublesome. You need a little cure. The eye drops must be available. ", 25 yuan per bottle, very good, and also use Widi and so on. (Massage the corners of the eye, this is very important, don't finish the eye drops, you need to massage).
    mades to dig up ears often, pulling the ear hair, and dirty things in the ears are also easy to shed tears; The reason is that dogs have a lot of tears.

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