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  1. There may be several reasons for dogs to tremble: First, the temperature decreases, the dog stays outdoors or the owner does not keep warm for the dog, causing the dog to tremble. Second, dogs may have just arrived at home, not adapt to the new environment, and they have been trembling when they feel nervous and scared. Third, dogs may be sick, uncomfortable, painful and shaking, and some dogs are tremor and convulsions of neurological symptoms.

  2. Dogs are trembling, and many cases will cause it, such as feeling cold, poor myocardial development, lack of vitamins, trace elements, and calcium deficiency.
    1. When the dog is weak, it will be afraid of cold. If the temperature is relatively low, the dog will tremble, just like people.
    2, dog dogs will tremble in the later stages. This happens, indicating that the canine plague has reached a certain degree. If it has not been treated before, it will be treated at this stage. Essence
    3, if the dog has had a dog plague before, trembling will become sequelae, and such problems will occur often, but health is not hindered.
    4. The typical symptoms of food poisoning are spitting white foam, convulsions, or body jitter. Then the body became stiff and gradually turned to death. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in the treatment of food poisoning. This situation is against time. Perhaps a minute of treatment, there is a rescue, and the treatment may not work one minute later. In terms of medication, it depends on what caused it. The most common thing is organic phosphorus poisoning, which can be relieved with drugs such as atropine. Tosting and infusion may also be used in treatment, and these cannot be implemented at home.
    5, if the convulsions are constantly twitching, it may be caused by calcium deficiency, the amplitude will be relatively large, and generally postpartum calcium deficiency will be more. In this case, it is recommended to infusion calcium supplement. If there is no infusion conditions, liquid calcium can also be used.

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