Why don't the scenic spots allow pets?

Last time I went to a scenic spot, I wanted to bring my cat in, and was stopped by the staff. Said that you can't bring pets.

1 thought on “Why don't the scenic spots allow pets?”

  1. Chen Tao, deputy general manager of Yangdai Meishan Scenic Area, said: Most of the pets carried by tourists are dogs, and some are also aggressive dog species. Perhaps the injury is an extreme case, but the barking of pets may also scare other tourists. Essence The scenic area had encountered such incidents before. Pet dogs carried by tourists bit our staff. We could not ask tourists to compensate. Instead, tourists blamed the staff of the scenic spot without protecting themselves. In addition, the excreta of pets in the scenic area also seriously pollutes the environment, and some pets may also carry germs, and these details must be considered.

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